New Parkrun on Saturday

New Parkrun on Saturday

A new local Parkrun (about 45 minutes drive from me) is having it's inaugural meeting on Saturday. It looks like it will be interesting - 1800 feet above sea level and mostly unsealed surface with some hills to a total of 250 feet ascent during the run . I haven't yet bought a pair of trail shoes - but I do have a pair of joggers which would be suitable for a soft surface. Looking forward to it . They even have hot showers at the venue and they will go to a local coffee shop/restaurant afterwards for breakfast. Don't know how that will turn out because I suspect there will be a big roll up to this one.

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  • Looks a lovely place for a run!

  • Looks great but maybe take a machete ;-)

  • How fab to be at the very first one! Don't forget your oxygen mask!

  • Looks gorgeous Bazza.

  • That looks fantastic. Hope you have great fun.

  • What a beautiful setting! Might not be any pbs but just go and enjoy it and remember why we all love running,doesn't have to be about a time,just about going out there and feeling alive!!!

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