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Blimey, that was hard W2R2

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Blimey, the first run of week 2 was a shock but so happy I did it, if I thought the second run would be easier, it wasn’t. Legs felt like lead. Run 3 tomorrow, just hoping to feel more bouncey. Hope you know what I mean 🙂. Food intake is getting better and I’m beginning to think about what I put in, but my head sometimes says, oh I can have that because I’ve run today, I know I shouldn’t, but that’s my problem, it’s just getting my head around it all. Wish I didn’t love food as much 😌

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Great job... they’re hard and you’re doing them.

That “you can have” voice is the same gremlin that says “you can’t do this” when you run. My daughter has lost a lot of waistline doing this... she likes chicken, so eats it a lot as her main meal on run days... I will cook some of her portion as soon as we get home, or have roasted the bird before we go out. She comes in and has a great protein as her post run snack and it’s not an extra.

"Run 3 tomorrow"? I hope you're writing about yesterday's run. It is really important that you give your body a day to recover between runs. It's fine to do other exercise on your "days off" but C25K is all about introducing your body to moderate exercise gently without risking injury.

Yes, I’m talking about yesterday’s run, so doing Pilates today, then my third run of week 2 tomorrow, cantvsay im really looking forward to it!!

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