Couch to 5K

False sense of security. W2r2 was HARD

Oh. my. Word. I woke this morning with a blocked nose and hacking cough so that's maybe why but after my success in w2d1, tonight was tough.

My legs are like jelly, I actually think if my house was much further away they would've buckled on the way home. wow. Hard work. But I done it. Managed all runs without stopping part way through. hope w2r3 is kinder to me on Friday.

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But you did it even so! And you didn't stop! I am out of action and can't start week 3 as I have a swollen ankle after walking into the couch I'm supposed to be getting my butt off! Need to rest until it's better. Just as I was beginning to enjoy it even though it's hard! Hope Friday goes well.


Isn't that irony faraway!! Sorry to hear about your injury.

Fingers crossed your out soon and up to speed quickly.

Friday will be ok, but first, I have a date with take that tomorrow :)


Well done. In the early part of the program, I found all of the run 2s to be harder than the first ones. No idea why.

Your cough/blocked nose might well have been a factor though.

Let's hope that run 3 is more comfortable and you can stride confidently into week 3.


Hey, you did it, so Great! Congratulation for W2R2. Bring on run 3


I did w2r1 on Tuesday and found it hard but did it. Its good to hear I'm not the only one....but determined r2 on Friday. Looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time


I always found the run2s hard - I. Think it was because I never really believed I would be able to do the run1s, so always took them slower, but then second time out, my expectations were much higher and I probably pushed harder - result was the runs were much more painful! Run3 I'd learned my lesson, was pretty confident I would succeed, took things at a better pace and so these were the runs I enjoyed!

The great thing is that even though you found it hard you pushed through and kept going. This attitude will stand you in good stead for the rest of the program. :)


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