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W5R3 done!

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I just CANNOT believe that I have run for 20 mins non-stop this morning! I am SO chuffed! The way my legs complained in weeks 1 and 2, I never thought I would be able to run for 5, let alone 20 minutes! It's like my legs finally understand what I'm trying to do. And, what's more...I really enjoyed the run!

Looking forward to week 6!


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Well done to u. Doing my 20mins on Saturday looking forward to it. πŸ‘

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Thanks Aliarm. Enjoy doing yours on Saturday!

Brilliant! Onwards and upwards all the way to the podium!

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Thank you Nervousnewbie!


Well done!! I've got W5R3 tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it

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Thanks Burrows79! Enjoy your run πŸ˜€


Well done. It will seem very strange going back to intervals next week, and many find this very challenging - I did. However, there is method in the madness, just trust the program - as you have before - and let W6 lead you into a life of more happy long runs.

But that's next week. Today you must celebrate!!

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Thanks Whatsapp, I will trust in the program. It's got me this far! It's my two boys sports day today, so may have to have a quick run in the Mums race, but apart from that will rest, rest rest and get ready for week 6!

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And I have no doubt you will smash it - both W6 and the Mum's race


You hold on to that feeling of awesomeness! That 20 minute run is a real milestone and a turning point for so many of us. Well done😊

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Thanks McFitty, it does feel like a milestone!

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It's wierd, that 1st long run as you suddenly feel like you're doing it for real. It's a great feeling...welldone!


Well done, that run is a real milestone in the program and shows you just what you are capable of. Good luck with week 6.

Fantastic that is awesome well done - I am attempting mine today - trying not to think about it too much 😒

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