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That’s it... W9R3 done... and graduated!


My W9R2 was two weeks ago, and picked up an injury... ran too hard and my soleus just couldn’t cope with it. Only thing for it was to rest up completely for two weeks, get it seen to, and wait.

And oh how tough the waiting was! I’ve been going stir crazy wanting to get outside, but knowing that it was for the best if I didn’t.

But today, I just couldn’t wait any longer. Went out for a test run to see if the muscles were willing, as a slow pace... 8:05/km. To my surprise, everything felt fine, and I pushed on to 5k, albeit in a time of 40:28.

So I might as well call that graduation...! 4 months ago, I never believed I could come this far. But I did. And you can. It’s all a case of belief in the programme and mind over matter.

More slow consolidation runs this week to get the body used to running again. Park Run or GRL on either Saturday or Sunday to see if I can match my 35:00 5k PB. Then more consolidation for a 5k trail run for the Royal British Legion on the 21st and the 5k Supernova at the QE Olympic Park on the 28th. Bring on October....!

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Well done you 🥇We’re all so proud of you 😀 Happy running in the future x


Congratulations and welcome to the graduates' club :)


Many congratulations on your graduation fellow runner.

This guide to post C25K running may be helpful

Keep running, keep smiling.


Well done you

Hope you feel great and carry on being a runner


Congratulations on completing C25K with week 9 run 3. Nice that you went on that "test run" and ended up graduating with a very good time of 40.28. About 7 weeks ago not long after I graduated I also went on a test run after the five post graduating runs and ended up doing a 10k in 1 hour 28 minutes, however, I paid dearly for that because my right hip went sore 8 hours after that run and I was off running for about 6 weeks, only now I'm back from the IC and have been rerunning all the runs once, this week I'll be rerunning week 9.


Many congratulations... and an extra well done for going out there to test the injury before carrying on, very sensible approach to it. Wow! You have some runs lined up! Enjoy them all, and enjoy an evening of celebration.

Well done Dave you superstar! ⭐️ No doubt at all counting it as your graduation run - in fact you totally smashed it! 👏👏

Don’t forget to request your badge. There’s a pinned post on here with a link to follow! Enjoy your time on the podium. Cheers! 🥂

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