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W3R3 Done & Dusted


So this run was due yesterday but after getting back from my usual dog walk it was around 12:30 and was feeling pretty hungry. Didn't want the jelly legs again and neither wanted to run after a lunch or when the school traffic was bad. Excuses excuses... Had a Google and saw a few articles suggesting that running early am on an empty stomach was the best way to burn fat. So this morning it was...

Still later than planned (about 10:30) but still felt fine without any brekkie. Decided not to record the warm-up cooldowns from now on. Totally understand pace is not important but with the program ending on a 30 minute run thought seeing the distances increase will help motivate me.

Run went great, pretty warm day with the sun blaring in my face, but tried to keep at a steady pace throughout. Maybe still a little too quick at this stage but feel conscious that if I don't push myself a little bit my stamina may not increase enough to handle the longer runs ahead. Only on the last 3 minute run did I feel myself catching my breath a little (as it ended on a hill) but slowed it down and was fine.

Was nice to see no return of the acid today as it often did occur when I ran in a morning. I'm not promoting it and probably not the safest thing in the world to do but I also chew gum when I run. Find it keeps the acid at bay and for some reason helps me to keep a rhythm (& have felt worse without it).

Looking forward to next week now. Feels like a bit of a jump seeing the mixes of 5 and 3 minutes in there but this week has felt a bit of a consolidation week with the workout being a lot shorter.

Bring it on!

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Great job. You’re certainly pretty quick, but if that’s your comfortable pace then it’s a good pace for you. Plenty of scope to slow down if you need to, as indeed you did on that hill.

Week 4 is something that you are ready for... go get it.

sHAYM4NGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Yeah I think that's it sometimes actually. I feel like if I can run at that pace on flats and downhills I have room to adjust down. Somehow feels like going slower would be harder work sometimes, but I will defo drop it down a notch or two when the longer runs come through. I think that's how I handled the 20 minute run last time around. Probably dropped to about half the pace of what I would normally jog for the duration, knowing there were no walks available to recover from it!


Nice one! I also press 'record' when the first jog starts and stop recording after the last run.

Anyway, it's good practice to not record from your front door!

Well done and keep it up! 😸

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