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Sore achilles


So I ran W6R1 on Sunday. I think I might have pushed the pace a bit in the final run. Since Monday, my achilles has been sore - towards the top around the lower calf. It is noticeable when I walk. I can't feel it when I rest. I don't really notice it all day when I'm busy at work - it's not horrendous.

Should I skip tomorrow's run and wait until it's back to normal completely? Or, as it's not bad, should I run tomorrow and just take it easy?

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Difficult to tell without feeling it. I’d probably rest it a couple or three days.


I'd rest until it no longer hurts. I had a similar occurrence but continued. It then got worse and I was out for six months :( Best to stop for a few days than risk a long lay off.


You pushed the pace and paid the price........ keep it easy until you are stronger.

I would rest up. This may help.

Take care.

Thank you all. It actually feels ok this morning but I might still rest a couple more days.

In my defence, I only pushed the pace because it was downhill and I probably ran out of control! However, lesson learned!

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