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12 months on and I’m starting again


Well as the title says 12 months on and I’m starting again tomorrow morning. Last year I got to week 8 and really hurt my knee’s so rested and rested tried again but kept hurting myself put more weight on and stopped running.

Since then I’ve got married and been on a VLC diet and lost 5 stone this year 4 of that in the last 11 weeks. now I’ve come to the end of dieting and it’s now time to get out and start running again and with so much less weight I’m hoping I won’t knacker my knees again.

Wish me luck........again 👍🏻

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Good luck! I find knee supports (tubigrips) help me a lot, but I will admit, some of it is psychological and I don't like going out without them!


I have straps for both knees so will be using them


That's brilliant! Well done for trying again. For what it's worth, my early knee problems have never recurred and I'm still here, still running! You know the drill - take it easy, take it slow. Your only targets are to enjoy and to complete the program. Good luck :)

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I’m doing it this time. I’m in a much better place this time. So there’s no stopping me


Welcome back... slow and steady... take care of those knees and you got this.


Welcome back.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5... and may be helpful.

To keep stresses to knees minimal, stay nice and slow, keep footfall under your body not out in front, run on grass or treadmill, avoid heelstriking, wear proper running shoes fitted after a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop and , as you have already done, lose any excess weight.

Enjoy your journey.


Thanks everyone 👍🏻 looking forward to the shuffle in the morning. Time for a good nights sleep

Listen to Jo Whiley, slow your pace and take it easy, you’ll be fine, all that matters is you do it, good luck 😊🌱

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