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w3r2 done and dusted

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8 runs down 19 to go to graduation! 😊 Mornings getting darker and colder so not so easy to drag myself to the gym but when I finished I felt great.

I have a confession though, I did one extra repetition of the 90 second and three minute runs and loved it. Now to see if my knees appreciate it as much as me!! I suppose I should listen to my advice to everyone else on here, slow and steady and stick to the programme!!

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Good job getting out there and doing it again. Yes, you should stick to the plan, you’ll not get there faster doing extra. You know this of course, you’ll soon be running 30 minutes.


No need to tell you off! Make sure you do extra stretching and rest. Maybe have a 2 day rest.

You're doing great! 😸


Go you! As you and other said - slow and steady, no need to jump ahead. No runner said, today I'll push way over my limits, the injuries and similar usually happens when we feel great and suddenly do more than usually. I experienced it myself. Which doesn't mean not to push yourself. Just slow and steady, consistent progress is the best! No jumping into deep water. Not with this.

Otherwise, great job! And go for week 4!

Happy running!

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