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Haven’t run since last friday


What a week!

Was going really well up until Monday this week - both me and my teen came down with some horrendous S&D bug that didn’t subside till Wednesday evening.

Then was set to run yesterday evening but got stranded in the city centre because of Storm Bronagh...

The Storm is still sweeping through the city with no sign of letting up.

I’m now struggling to find the energy/motivation to start again. Realistically, due to weather, it won’t be until tomorrow but I can already hear me talking myself out of it.

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Glad you survived the weather :)

Now, simply, set your gear out tonight... plan your route.. a safe one, that you enjoy running... and then simply head out...you have had a bug so. just take it gently... don't worry too much about the run..just take an Irishprincess jogette... take it gently and see how you feel.. relax and simply enjoy the whole thing.

Know that your motivation hides under your running shoes, alongside the evil little mind gremlins... they will vanish when you pick the shoes up.. and your motivation will be right there waiting to head out with you!

Thank you

I do need to just get out there, you’re right.

I’m doing this for weight loss so that is my motivation. But it’s cold, windy, rainy...

I need to dig deep.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to sarah_wrighty

Focus on relaxing and thinking how great it is going to feel when you have done it.

You’ll benefit from a gentle run after the week you’ve had! No need to push it, just get back out there and enjoy running again. Good riddance illness and pesky storms!

Thank you! X

Maybe your not 100% recovered from your bug? Give yourself time to recover.

Perhaps. I still felt weak yesterday. My daughter didn’t go back to school till today.

I just need to get out there. I think if it was a sunny, autumnal day I’d just do it but the thought of running in this weather is filling me with dread! X

Understand that. Sounds like you need time to recover from your bug. Running will still be there once you’ve recovered. I’m sure you’ll be back very soon raring to go. In the mean time take care of yourself & come back ready to run👍🏻

Take it easy as bugs can wipe you out. Maybe have a couple of days to make sure you’re eating and drinking correctly to fuel your body as it’s likely you’ll find your next run tougher than the last. I’m not sure where you are in the plan but take it easy, don’t be too disappointed if you can’t run the full distance or maybe you’ll feel re-energised, your body just needs time to recover 😊

Good luck.

Thank you.

I’m Week 2. My next run would be run 3 so about to go to week 3.

Maybe the worst time to get ill? I’m just getter by used to running...starting to enjoy it but still forcing myself to go...


NotanaturalrunnerGraduate in reply to sarah_wrighty

There’s lots of us that need a kick up the bum to go running! Some days I’m keen to go and other days I have to force myself to run but I always feel good at the end and try and remember the calories burned, fitness levels, shaping up and loosing a bit of weight. It truly is ‘me time’ where I can switch off my brain (not difficult to do 😆) listen to the music and run with my dog.

I don’t think I will ever be ‘in love with running’ but I like it more than I did and I can feel the benefits.

Get yourself better for a couple of days, look after yourself by eating and drinking the right things and next week is looking a lot brighter. There’s lots of people that have hiccups along the way, can’t always run 3 times a week.....you’re perfectly normal 😉

Chin up and knock em dead when you’re ready.



To be honest after S&D another day or two off is a good thing to get hydration back up... maybe the storm was telling you to give it another day. Second storm here now, but looking better for the weekend and beyond.


You can do it Sarah! I know you can! And even you know you can.

So take it easy, prepare everything, put your clothes on, and just go out with curiosity to see how far you can go. Do you think you can do half? Or maybe you will be able to do 3 of 4 runs? Or maybe you will surprise yourself and manage all of them? Whatever the end result will be, it will be a win! As even 1 run is more than nothing!

I believe in you! I will be fighting wind today after work. I'm trying to figure out where the wind might be slightly weaker.

sarah_wrighty in reply to IgaT

Thank you. I took the dog for a long walk this morning and feel like I can get back on it.

The way to the park is up the steepest hill in the city - I regularly have to stop 2 or 3 times before I get to the top.

But today, I walked all the way up! Just shows that my stamina is increasing!! I was super charged.

He’s a new puppy so I can’t run with him yet, but it was good to get out and find my stride again 😊😊

IgaTGraduate in reply to sarah_wrighty

I am so happy for you! Of course your stamina gets better - you are working on it pretty hard. With a puppy, the earlier you start to teach him, the quicker he will know what to do ;) Maybe start with 15-20 seconds run with him during normal walks or as a part of obedience training? Just a thought. I started with mine really late / too late, so she has no idea what's going on. And she is not the best on walking on the lead, not to mention run :P

Have fun with your puppy! And good luck on your run and then rest day :)

Keep at it! Like many things in life - the longer you avoid it, the harder it gets to come back to it, especially if it’s started to become habit.

Part of my current plan is to briskly walk for 30 mins if I feel I need to skip a run - almost like a place holder for the habit of running. So I’ll still get up with the early alarm and strap on the shoes, keeping those aspects of the habit alive. I can’t even count how many times in my life I’ve thought “If only I’d kept at it”. Hoping to have an active lifestyle isn’t enough for me, I have to plan and have back-up plans for my back-up plans lol!

Did you do it yet? Xx lots of love and respect to you. Its really really difficult isn't it, once the pattern has been broken.

Mine broke a while ago, and I know, I knkw we just have to get out there, get the kit on and go out the front door! Xx go go go!


Hi if you have had S&D then have a think about taking some electrolytes. It will def help with hydration and your body recover.

Happy running x

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