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Does anyone get sore soles of their feet later that day or next day after a run?

I am currently doing week 7 but I have managed to run for 30 mins for my last 2 runs so I'm going to try and keep that up and build my endurance until the end of the program. Does anyone have any suggestions to ease the pain? I bought new runners right before I started the program. Thanks! Hannah

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Hi hannie. Is it the arches that ache? I have fallen arches, they developed while I was most inactive while receiving chemo. I first noticed it when I tried to take up walking to do some physical activity after my treatment finished. It was really painful, and can still flare up from time to time. I wear Dr Scholl inserts and try to flex my feet often, some exercises help. If you think this might be your problem, try googling fallen arches or plantar faciitis, or see your GP. Mine was very understanding as she had developed them during pregnancy.


Hmm never had this - once I started running longer (an hour) I came back a few times with bruised feeling toes ending up with blackened toenails yes, (advice from nice man in running shop - ice your toes as soon as you come back in future!) but pain in my soles, never.

Try changing the type of socks you wear? Proper running socks are essential for me (not expensive online).

Hate to say it but maybe your trainers arent right for you (sorry)!

Otherwise see your gp?


Thanks for your help. I have now completed 3 30 minute runs in total and my feet did not hurt anywhere near as much as what they were when I first did 30 minutes. I think I'll try some new proper socks first as ive been wearing my casual ones with pretty flowers and polka dots and the like and see where we go from there. Appreciate your input!


Are they particularly painful when you get out of bed? Mine are like walking on knives for the first couple of minutes and they also feel like they're burning in the evening. I have a condition called plantar fasciitis (diagnosed by chiropodist) which means that I have fallen arches and my feet roll inwards. I wear special insoles in both my work and running shoes to support my foot. If I have a day in sandals or other shoes which can't accommodate my insoles I can guarantee pain the next day. Good luck!


I have that too. Going for an injection on Friday. Fingers crossed it works.


Ouch! Good luck with that! I'll be interested to know how you get on. Fingers crossed for you 🤞


I had very bad plantar fasciitis, in one foot, for over two years. At one stage I could hardy walk, as it was excruciating. Eventually my GP sent me for shock wave treatment at Guys Hospital, which, combined with only wearing "Fit-Flop" shoes, has more or less cured it.

Before it gets to that stage, stretching your calf muscles by standing on the edge of a step can help. Also try freezing a bottle of water and rolling it under your instep. Footwear is very important too.

Good luck. I hope it improves soon.

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Just had an injection in my foot for this. Fingers crossed it works. Have been suffering since December. Interested that fitflops worked. I have spent a fortune on insoles.


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