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Turning a corner.

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Just completed week 1 yesterday and thought to myself. Jeezzz lady you’re gonna need more than 1 rest day. With the amount of lard am carrying my hips have not lied 🤥 and they screamed 🤯at me since starting only 1 short week ago. I thought 🤔 who am I kidding thinking I can run 🏃🏼‍♀️ the GNR next year, cant even do week 1 comfortably never mind just 5k. Difficult to walk back to car after the sessions and found it very painful during the night and the next day. However..... a corner ⤴️ I think has been turned. I feel fine today 😁 and not in anywhere near as much pain as I have been. Hoping it’s here to stay but regardless it’s not made me quite so fearful of week 2 which commences tomorrow. Good luck to you all and thanks for sharing your stories.

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Do you do any stretches after a run? I find this helps to avoid any tightness or pain x

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Hi Faith, the calves are painful after each run whilst brisk walking. I do stretches before and after each session, I have a salt bath and elevate as get swelling in the ankles. I’m so focused on seeing this through any tips would be great. Thx for your message.

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Good luck with w2. I’m a new graduate of C25k and find the info and support on this site great. I like the warm down stretches ThunderSloth has included the link for. I haven’t been doing all of those, so maybe I will now! Sounds like you’re determined. I look forward to seeing your progress x

Yes, me too. These are the warm down stretches IannodaTruffe includes in the info that he adds to your first post, I use them after every run now:


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Fab thx so much. Will defo have a look at those 👌🏽

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I felt like some large, exceptionally angry gentlemen (possibly wearing bowler hats) had given me a vigorous beating with iron bars in the first week. It's normal. It's all smooth sailing from now!

Ok, I'm lying. It's hard at times, but the smug satisfaction more than make up for it, and we'll a ton of kudos on here for it, too. Keep going and see the many benefits!

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Brilliant, well done Juggsyjools. You can take more than one rest day btw if you need it. Main thing is to avoid fatigue which leads to injury and is the main reason people give up. Sounds like you're doing great though!!

Make sure you warm up, cool down and stretch. When you feel a new pain during the run, slow it down. It's normally a warning that something will be sore later. I'm W4 now with fewer niggles and making progress. Out of necessity I've even rested for 5 days, it's usually 3, if I feel good it's 2

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Week 2 is ready for you... you can do it and have no need to fear it... week one is the hardest, and you’ve done it.

You can do the GNR... it seems ridiculously long compared to a minute running, but you’ll soon see how quickly the fitness comes... you can be at 10k in the spring comfortably, leaving plenty of time to go on a HM training plan. So it’s there, you can do pretty much anything. Stay positive, don’t push too hard or too fast, follow good plans, and you’ll be there.

Great job so far.

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