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W4R3 still getting there

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W4R3 and still not quite there. It’s 16 minutes of running in total and I haven’t quite got the last 5 minute run done yet. Things have improved through the week though. R1 was 4 mins short, R2 was 3 mins short and today was just 1 min short. Keeping the pace down and steady has been a problem but I’ve downloaded a load of US Marine Corp running cadence chants to listen to and that really helped today.

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Keep persevering TopShot you're doing a grand job. Judging by your stats I'd say you can still go slower esp the 2nd km 😊 love your inner 🐌 The program is about building endurance not speed, that comes later. 👍

I like the idea of the pacing chants. Might give that a go as I sometimes strugglewith pacing myself.

Happy running x

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You’re going too fast, is all! I’ve just done W4R2 and my average pace was 9.47 per k which is absolutely my fastest effort. I physically couldn’t go any slower and still run (but also couldn’t go any faster and still finish, if that makes sense!)

You can do this!

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AlMorrGraduate in reply to TBB21

Yes, it does make sense TBB21 (yes we would all wish to be 21 again) I graduated back in June. When I ran this week 4 I found it the most complicated of all the runs to memorise as I had not got a phone which I could download the C25K app. Three weeks ago I bought a brand new Smartphone and as I have been off running for about 6 weeks due to a hip injury I am recapping all the runs, this morning it is the turn of W4, but this time with my new Smartphone I will have Laura with me as I downloaded the C25K app so I won't have to memorise all those runs and walks that are on week 4.

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TopShot in reply to TBB21

I feel pretty much as if I’m going as slow as I can without dropping to a walk as it is. I’m not sure I can go slower. I’ll repeat the week using the chants and see how it goes. I’ll get this 😊

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