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Running views! Morning or evening running?


Hi all!

Just about to start my w1r3. Obviously it’s personal preference, but does anyone find it better to run in the mornings?

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Sets you up for the day and you don't have to worry about being too tired after a hard day's work.

Then there's the sunrises..................

Ahhh I’d love to run at sunsrise. I’m going to try running in the morning but I get up at 6am for work every day!! If I’m going to run it would mean getting up at 5am and napping at my desk by 3pm

IgaTGraduate in reply to Chlocub

Morning run is so much better than coffee! It keeps you awake for so much longer! It gives you morning boost for feeling empowered and unstoppable! Can you see the sunrise? Can you hear the world slowly waking up? Can you see the foggy, mysterious landscape like in the fairytale? Usually, it is really worth waking up at 5 am.



Means less duvet time! I go out in the evenings... run off the stresses of the day and all relaxed for the night.


Now I’ve stated my preference... why choose? Entries for my local marathon open soon. It’s an overnight 40 miler in February!


I used to run around 5 - 5.30 am, as it prevented from after work tiredness and laziness or just one of million excuses. Now I am running just after work ~4-5pm to shake off the work day and kind of reset myself for the other half of the day.

I have to say, whatever, whenever, depends on the mood, on the season. All has advantages and disadvantages. All are great :D

Have a try for variety, for different views and feelings. Freshness, crispiness, fog, sunrises - all in the morning. Milder temperatures, safer, you can see the weather, you can actually see :P not such luxury at 5 am during winter ;) And you know nice sunset during evening runs :)


I found running after work really hard! Tiredness and low motivation. I love my sleep but I’ve really surprised myself that I enjoy a morning run.

Mind you a lot of people run after work to get rid of the day’s stresses etc.

Mornings would be such an early start for you.

Hmmm... try both! Good luck!👍

Chlocub in reply to Auden

I’ll try both and see what I prefer! I’m not a morning person at all, so maybe running in the morning will make me enjoy mornings!

Love morning runs 🌄

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