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Running in the morning or the evening?

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W6R3 and 25 mins in the bag this morning! Weirdly though, I think I have decided I prefer to run in the evening. I thought I'd be too tired. But even after a hard slog at work all day, after an evening run, I am all energised. Running in the morning is not as easy- I need a few hours to get my body all loosened up before I can really enjoy it, or do it without feeling too stiff afterwards. And I also prefer an evening run as I don't have to do anything else afterwards.

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We all get our own running recipes in time and it’s great that you have found something that works for you. Roll on all those evening runs to graduation

WooHoo! Another score for the Dark Side!!! :D :)

Sorry, had to do that, I believe we're in the minority on here so I do like to lure people over to it! :P

My energy levels are just better at that time of day. Have always been a night owl though, so that's not surprising. I like blowing the cobwebs away from work as well, it's a great mental break.

I'm totally with you on this as well > "as I don't have to do anything else afterwards"... Oh yes, it's shower and PJs and I'm 5K2Couch. LOL. (I should properly mention that I'm truly on the Dark Side before people think I have an exceedingly early bed. Live in Scotland and my average start time for C25K was 20:30, I like it daaaaark. ;) )

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Jen58 in reply to notoutofbreath

I have never actually run in the dark (I am sure I will ) night owl that's definitely me ,

I work nights 🙄I shall say no more

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SqueakypoptestGraduate in reply to notoutofbreath

Yes! 5K2Couch! That's me

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I was always an early bird. The earlier the better. It really set me up for the day.

But recently, I have been running with my teenage daughter and as every parent knows, teenagers have a strong vampire like hatred of daylight.

I have found myself running (mostly) in late afternoon and have to say that I am enjoying that. (Sssshhhh. Don't tell anyone :-) )

I guess it's the running rather than the time of day that's the buzz.

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We do what is right for us and what we enjoy... well done you :)

I always run in the dark but I think that's because I'm self conscious too. I did try a morning once and couldn't do it at all. I think it def comes down to if you're an early 🐦 or night 🦉. I've always hated mornings. I'm very grumpy 😠

I agree, evenings and nights are the best time!

Work is done, kids in bed, go run and get rid of the stress!

To be fair, I've not tried morning running. I doubt I ever will seeing as I can barely drag myself out of bed in time to get to work, let alone 45 mins earlier than that!

Night Owls rule... :)

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Definitely the afternoon, have a look at my last post where i had a morning run X

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Know what you mean. I did an morning run one Saturday and it was a slog. But late afternoon, or more typically evening, and I am much more energetic. I think I just speed up as the day goes on in everything I do. Will soon be much lighter in the evenings when the clocks change!

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Hmm..interesting. I am definitely not an early bird - it takes me ages to get going in the mornings- but weirdly I find myself wanting to run when I get up and have struggled a lot more with lunchtime runs. Makes no sense to me, but there you go. Haven't tried an evening one yet but when the days get longer I think that may be worth a try...

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