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Run in morning or evening?

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Been running in evening, started c25k on treadmill, got outside on wk6. Switched to morning run wk7 but my erm "bathroom" routine put pay to that. What does everyone else do?

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I usually run in the evening because I have more energy then, and I walk the dogs in the morning. I have run in the morning a couple of times though.

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EmmaSheila52 in reply to FlickM3

I also have dogs to walk.... arm I walk dogs in morning, walk with work friends at lunchtime then run when I get home from work, have tea then walk dogs again. And I wonder why I'm tired & anemic???

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AlMorrGraduate in reply to EmmaSheila52

I have seen many runners run with their dogs on a lead, quite fast as well, the fastest was with his dog at a 25-minute 5k pace, felt sorry for the dog.

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EmmaSheila52 in reply to AlMorr

I have greyhounds, they have no stamina foe 20/25/30min runs

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FlickM3Graduate in reply to EmmaSheila52

One of mine is getting arthritis so can't keep up. the other is a Saluki lurcher so plenty of stamina, but keeps wanting to stop for a wee. Once i have finished the c25k course, I might take her with me, then i won't be interrupting the run lengths if i have to stop. No way she can go off lead on the roads - hound lack of traffic sense. but i wouldn't have a dog off the lead on the road anyway.

I run in the morning. Get up at 5am to go before work, because im too stiff afterwards

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EmmaSheila52 in reply to Lizzj

Stiff after work or run?

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Lizzj in reply to EmmaSheila52

After work. I drive a bin wagon and my knees seize up with sitting all day

Morning, otherwise I prevaricate too much and find stupid things to do like bleaching the sink - honestly that was one of my delaying tactics!

If I don’t go out in the morning, it doesn’t happen....

You don't get bathroom issues?

Well, now how much info to share publicly!!.?

I use the bathroom early and then wait for 30 Minutes after having a cup of tea. Any bathroom revisit needs can be managed during then... and it still gives me time to bleach sinks if I feel the need...

In all seriousness the 30 Minutes wait post cuppa works for me. I found going to the loo a problem if I ate first, so now I don’t. I eat afterwards. It’s a well known affliction for runners not just racers... so you’re in good company.

Just read another link in Runners World any hot drink can make you go to the loo, it doesn’t have to be coffee...

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TassiedebsGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

Glad someone asked the question and someone answered re ‘bathroom’ routine ... that’s been my question but not brave enough (or couldn’t find a polite enough way of asking more like!) to ask! 🤣

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Jancanrun in reply to Tassiedebs

Funnily enough I wrote about this (obliquely) a couple of days back.... only for the first one read the other problem!

Can't eat til hour after tablets & no milk. 6am is early enough to get up 😫

Ah, that makes things tricky, it is difficult this running malarkey, we all face different issues, and we have to find our own unique way of dealing with them. Trial and error helps, but that’s easier said than done in this case

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BobdbobGraduate in reply to EmmaSheila52

I also get up at 5am to run. I think if your morning routines are well established and you don't go out when you would usually be otherwise engaged then it's ok. I eat after my run as well which helps. Alternatively I have friends who run circuits round the houses near their homes so that they're never far away if the call comes.

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Wantorun2013Graduate in reply to Jancanrun

Same here👍😂

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Morning. I'm like Jancanrun when it comes to finding 'tasks' that require my attention. All of a sudden dusting or unloading the dishwasher can become a life or death situation.

I could use dishwasher excuse. If only i had one 😣

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Morning.. best time.... a cracking start to the day Winter or Summer... wet or dry...:)

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Morning girl here too can’t beat it. Great start to the day peaceful and calm. Clears the head for the day ahead. Watching sunrise or at the moment moon and stars when l go is lovely. Too much gets in the way at the other end of the day. As to the other business hot drink as soon as l get up gets everything moving and maybe think about what you eat the night before you are going to run. 👍🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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I love the mornings( about to go out now) . Persevere and your bathroom routine will acclimatise

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Morning for me too. Wake at 6 and running 20 mins later. Mind you routine started to avoid people during my initial efforts to run. Now just back from completing wk6r3 😀

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mornings for me otherwise i just don't go. I like being out when no one else is around, it gets crowded on the seafront in the evenings and after Ive fought to get the kids to bed Im exhausted

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I run in the evening, already get up at 5.30am to get ready for work, don't want to be getting up around 4ish to get a run in as well!

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I started programme in summer holidays and ran in the mornings. Once I was back working in a school I started going once I got home - which due to my shorter hours can be as early as 3.45. Now I don't have young children to manage before school, I've enjoyed having a short, efficient pre-work routine, and a little longer in bed. At half-term I tried a morning run again, but my body has got used to the late afternoon option. I suggest always planning at beginning of week when you are going to run so you are mentally prepared and less likely to find an excuse.

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MagicandCastlesGraduate in reply to Pink-Floyd

Preparing when to go to the key! I never make it on a whim!

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I was up and at 'em at 4:30 this morning! Nice fresh air and nobody about, even the cats were scarce today! My commute and collection of young children make evening running near on impossible, I've tried it a couple of times but didn't enjoy it anywhere near as much.

Enjoy it whichever way is best for you and good luck with the rest of your C25K adventure! ;0)

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I drop my partner off at the train station eaaaarlllyyy, then I have time before I go to the gym before I start work. On the weekends, I've tried running in the afternoon or evening, but honestly, my morning runs are much more effective and set me up for the day. I find it hard to run after I've eaten as well, so running in the morning suits me. But, it's all about what suits you

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I’m a morning runner, I tend to finish work late regularly and if I left it to the evening it wouldn’t happen more often than not. But it’s horses for courses I guess :)

I’m a late morning/early afternoon runner! Can’t function without breakfast and can’t get up! So get up when I wake up and run an hour after cornflakes basically. I quite often start work at 12/2ish at least once a week and get a couple days off at some point so it works for me. Whatever time I start I don’t finish until gone 11pm most days so evening is out and I have a physical job so I want to sit during meal breaks!

I try and go with times I can stick to, I figure there’s no point in getting up early if I hate it and won’t keep it up- same with work breaks. I go at minimum twice a week now.

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I've had exactly this issue. Mainly when the runs got longer.

Although I run first thing, with no breakfast, I always had a cup of green tea (my usual drink) and thought this was harmless. However after some research I've now discovered that even just having a hot drink (regardless of what it is) does encourage the urge to go! So this week (week9), the first two runs I had tea, caused problems, then this morning had nothing and I was absolutely fine. Even completed the run. Yay.

Glad I don't like tea!!!

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I run when I get home from work early evenings , sometimes I run home from work . I run in the mornings on a weekend .

I would love to run early mornings before work , but its hard for me as I have two pugs and as soon as I wake up , they wake up too wanting to go out and then have their breakfasts . It would be virtually impossible for me to sneak out whilst they werent looking .

Oh and I always make sure " I have been " on a running day, I have been caught short too many times now ! :-D xxx

Wow, the replies show we are all different!

I have serious bathroom issues (diagnosed with Crohn's a couple of years ago, fortunately not giving me too much trouble now) so I need to know where every toilet within a five mile radius is located.

I try to only run after a recent visit to the facilities so I know I stand a reasonable chance of getting back in one piece. This rules out crack-of-dawn runs for me, I stick to after work or at the weekend, after I have evacuated reasonably well. I am also very sluggish first thing in the morning due to other drugs. I'd love to be an "up and at you" runner as a great way to start the day but it just doesn't work for me.

But don't be disheartened if you are the same. I completed couch to 5k and have gone on to do 10k in under an hour at the first attempt so anything is possible. Just take a pack of tissues with you at all times....

Never thought I'd be sharing all this with strangers!!

Blimey, well done you! Still trying to work out best routine for me. At min think I'm going to stick to evenings - in the gym if raining or too cold!!!!

Evening as i get too indigestiony if I run after breakfast, and too ravenous if I run before.

Unless I'm really hungover, in which case, out in the morning with plenty of water and you really can run it off.

I do a full body strength routine from 6.00 to 7.45am then go out for run afterwards to help cool down. I find if I exercise in the evening my body is to awake for me to sleep properly.

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I’ve developed a taste for running In the dark. Easy in the winter but it’ll mean midnight running come the summer! I’ve run daytimes too. The only snag I found is that if I run too late in the day, I can’t settle to sleep very well- too energised I guess!

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