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Woo! Finished week 1 on a high - finally managed to do all 8 runs :D

Thinking of redoing week 1 though until I can do all 8 runs three times in a row, anyone got an opinion on whether this is worth it?

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if you completed the run move on to the next one. Trust the plan

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Kiraarrr in reply to glentoran99

You're right, I guess I'm just worried about failing haha

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Great job... hard work has paid off.

How would you feel about taking on week 2. I think another run could benefit you as you have completed this one, and the other two have contributed fitness too. Personally I don’t think of a week as a unit, I would repeat any individual run before moving to the next.

You’ve made good progress, be proud.

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Kiraarrr in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you :) might try w2r1 and see how I do, I can always repeat if I need to :)

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Brilliant well done

It would be a confidence boost if you did it but why take the risk😊😊 Move on to week two, take it as slow as possible, your training not racing, and you'll smash it! Good luck

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Kiraarrr in reply to steviej99

That's a good point, thank you :)

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Yay well done you! I think you should do W2R1 and if that feels too hard then repeat W1R3?

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Kiraarrr in reply to Hattie27

Think that's a good plan :) thank you

Nooooooo! You’ve done it so no need to repeat. The week you’ve just done has prepared you for week 2. Remember to embrace your inner 🐌 and take it slow and all will be good!😀

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Why? Just keep it slow and keep it steady and move on :)

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