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Where to begin after a 6 week lay off


I completed C25K 6 weeks ago tomorrow and haven't ran since. I hurt my knee in the final week, I shouldn't have continued with the final 2 runs but apparently men are stubborn (we're not).

My doctor advised no running for 6 weeks so here I am, pain free and ready to get back in the saddle. How should I begin? I really need to get back into this, I've lost the feelgood factor running was giving me and found a few pounds I'd lost along the way.

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I would try week 4 again and see how it feels, if it is still niggly, I’m afraid I would probably say go back to the beginning, it is better to build up slowly than get another six weeks off running again, trust me I know what I am saying will be hard to hear, it was when I have had to hear it but slow really is the answer. Good luck.

Gar27Graduate in reply to Realfoodieclub

Thank you, that seems like a reasonable starting point, you're right I don't want another lay off.

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