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Yeah baby !!!


So finally got round to my final run, what with life getting in the way !

Found it a good run, after the 30 mins felt I could keep going easily, but saving that energy.

Now to pack my running kit away in the suitcase, don’t worry I’m not giving up running, rather I’ll be doing my graduation runs in sunny Fuerteventura 😎

Just wanna day thanks for all the amazing support on here, I’ve made new running friends that I never met but know I have their support.

Now give me that shiny badge, I feel the need, the need to polish!! Lol

Happy running gang x

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Taffinator! You made it! 👏👏 Huge congratulations, bet you’re as proud as anything, and you certainly deserve to be! Get up on that podium, puff out your chest and toast yourself! 🍾 🥂

Pop your badge on, and continue smiling all day (maybe longer!) and enjoy Fuerteventura. 🏖 🏃 ☀️


Yay! Well done! Now have a great holiday! Love Fuerteventura! 🍾🍾🍾🏖🏖🏖🏖


W O O H O O !!! you have every right to smile for a week at least. Well done!


Yay!!! You did it! Sorry I’m late on congratulating! Xx

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