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I’m so annoyed with myself! I got a pair of running shoes off a friend to try them, they seemed ok and I went for a run W3R3.

Anyway, they felt like the were rubbing a bit but I powered through thinking I’ve got to do this.

Now I was planning on doing my first park run tomorrow, but I have no skin on parts of my heels and blisters on the other part. I have just walked about a mile and each step was agony, even with big plasters.

I think I am going to have to miss the run tomorrow as I am not sure if I could manage it they are so sore and if I do bandage them up and run, god knows how bad they would be afterwards!

Has anyone ran with feet like this before, and if so do you have any advice on how to protect my feet? I’ve obviously gone back to my old shoes which are comfy, just not at the moment.

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Uh oh.... get sorted... and back in your own shoes before you head out... it is early days and the Park run will wait until later in the programme:)

Thank you, I did try, I put on two cotton pads and big plasters with socks and my shoes, but they were bleeding again by the time I got downstairs. Annoyed that I have to miss it but think I would be crazy to try it.


Pins in blisters... Vaseline in affected areas... good socks. Even then it may still hurt bandages won’t help. If you ran tonight, parkrun should be off anyway, you need a non-running day.

Thank you, I got the blisters the day before so it was my day for running, but just couldn’t do it, they were bleeding just coming down stairs.... annoyed I am missing it, but would be crazy to try it.

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Scotchick2018

Good call I think... they’ll be there next week

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