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I've just finished Week Two, but I'm noticing that I'm absolutely starving on run days (I run in the morning). I'm trying to eat more healthily in general and I don't want to stuff random rubbish down my throat, so what strategies are people using?

At the moment, I just have a couple of handfuls of nuts/raisins before I run, then granola with added berries when I return, probably a banana later, and something carby like pasta later.

I know C25K doesn't need *more* food, I just want to try to eat decent food at the right time, without getting completely fanatical and obsessed about it all.

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I would use fast food... not McDonald’s (that’s slow food) I’m usually good in a banana. Your nuts and raisins is fast and slow release which is also great. Nutritionally speaking you are there. Maybe replace the carbs after a run with proteins... carbs are fuel, protein is for muscle building.

Depends also why you are changing the diet... high fat foods tend to help as they’re filling.

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