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An unexpected joy of getting back into my running after an absence of (ahem!) 6 months is that I'm rediscovering the tunes I had put on my iPod shuffle ages ago. Jogging along a beautiful country lane last night and out pops vintage Human League with Being Boiled closely followed by Jump Around by House of Pain and Professional Widow by Tori Amos. An eclectic - and motivational - mix if ever there was. There were others, of course, but those were my faves from last night. Anyone else enjoy some choons?

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I still have to get rid of 10cc on my iPod. Their tunes are really not right for running to. They pop up every now and again in the middle of the high energy Ministry of Sound stuff. That and bouncy Kpop numbers are what I like to run to.


I’m a big fan of the powersong button on Nike run club... need a boost sometimes, or others I just need to distract myself. Regular playlist is a lot faster than my feet so far, but I’ll get there!

Iron maiden have already given my The loneliness of the long distance runner... and tomorrow I go 20 minutes so I’ve built my list and they will be chirping in half way through with Running Free

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