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Huge apologies to lovely supporters


I am rather ashamed that I failed to respond to the replies I got to my last post ‘am I slacking’. Thank you so much to all those that made the time to respond to me and offer support.

I have no excuse to offer except procrastination.

On the plus side I am no longer slacking and have been out running with the rest of you. I’m not going any further or faster but I am doing it and most of the time with a smile/ grimace.

It is my runniversary this week, a whole year since I went to buy running shoes for the first time in my life and here I am with 19 parkruns under my belt. Totes Amazeballs.....

I’m off to buy new shoes tomorrow to get me through my next year . Thanks to this forum I’ve kept at it... my health is definitely unlocked .

Thank you all

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Procrastinate the replies, don’t procrastinate the runs! Happy runniversary when it comes, new shoes are a must!


19 parkruns? Hardly procrastinating!

Happy runniversary!

LookNannyrunsGraduate in reply to musicalpolarbear

Thank you. I couldn’t run for a minute without being purple of face and sounding like steam train this time last year. My early runs took me to the start of a new estate being built by the track I use, my challenge was to graduate before the first houses were finished. Well now I can wave at the children in the gardens as I sail past running all the way!

I exaggerate for effect - hardly sailing,nor gliding but past them I go and for 30 minutes at a time HOWZAT....

musicalpolarbearGraduate in reply to LookNannyruns

Awesome stuff! 🙌

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