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Well after much delaying and finding reasons not to participate that's W1 R1 done.

Ambulance driver said I should be ok by Wednesday and he is on holiday then so all is good. Harder walking than running for some reason although I was glad of the walks.

I'm sure it must get easier, he said trying to convince himself.

10 years ago a 30 minute run was fun, now I'm not so sure.

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😂 the paramedic did almost as good a job as you did. Very well done and welcome to the programme.

Don’t run too fast... it’s about getting to 30 minutes. That 30 minute run is still fun... getting our asses off the sofa and out to the start line, that’s work.

I find the walking harder too, I know I walk too slowly between runs, and I feel my calf muscles tighten a little, maybe you’re the same. Easier said than done, but try and keep the pace up on the walks if that’s the case.

Running gets easier... no need to convince yourself. However, the runs get bigger so the challenge will remain for a while, we have to beat that.

As someone once said “if this was easy, it’d be easy”


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

It will be fun again.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Enjoy your journey.

You made me laugh this morning !! I am struggling W 4 !!! I am picturing you from your Title and just hope with a few giggles along the way Slim Fred emerges triumphant!!!

Well done for making a start! As a previous staunch non-runner I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed this programme. Stick with it!

Well that was strange.

I was informed by my better half we are out tonight, my scheduled W1R2, so I ran last night. Every thing seemed easier, the exercise time dreamed less and my legs almost did what i was asking them to do.

My legs feel ok this morning, my knees ache less. Am I delusional? Will it come back to bite me? I almost enjoyed about 5 seconds of the last run!

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