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Confined to the couch :-(


As some if you may know I injured my knee a fortnight ago. Have been back to the doctors as the pain was getting worse. She had confirmed that I have sprained my knee and the searing, stabbing pain is the muscle going into spasm! All I know is that it is excruciating and makes me want to say bad words!! :-(

So here I am confined to the sofa. Even walking is painful. Thinking if maybe trying swimming to see if that helps. Beginning to get stir crazy. Desperately want to run. I'm doing some gentle exercises to try to strengthen my knees. Thanks for those Mitts. Think I may order some of the books recommended on other blogs. If I can't run then maybe at least I can read about it. Hope you are all enjoying your runs especially now the snow has gone. It's not that I'm jealous or anything! :-p


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Hope you mend very soon.


Poor you. :-( I'm sure both swimming and strengthening your knees gently is a good idea though, and you could always roller sitting on the floor if it's too painful lying prone on the roller.

If I were you I'd consult a sports physio too, unless your doc is an absolute expert in the field. They would have more exact ideas about what would do your particular knee good, and a couple of visits wouldn't cost the earth and might make all the difference. I know my doc is pretty clueless about sports injuries, like someone said recently it's a bit of a lottery, taking a sporting injury to your gp. Apologies to yours if she is an expert! :-)

All the best anyway - just don't run till you're sure you're ready!


vikicatsGraduate in reply to Mitts

No she's not an expert. A colleague has mentioned she knows a good physio so I think I will get the number and give them a ring. I have been using the foam roller and, though painful, I do quite like the feeling!


MittsGraduate in reply to vikicats

Me too - like foam rolling, I mean. The pain disappears after a couple of weeks and you're left with the nice stretchy feeling! :-) And I don't know about yours but it's done wonders for my tummy muscles too, all that leaning on your underarms rolling about the place :-D

The sports physio sounds a good idea!

vikicatsGraduate in reply to Mitts

That's something that crossed my mind the other day. All this rolling up and down on my forearms. Looks almost like the plank. Glad my stomach will benefit too. It needs all the help it can get if I'm honest!


If you are looking for a good book to read, Born To Run by Chris McDougall. Great read.


Oh no, really sorry to hear that, I just had a week off due to hurting my inner knee but its feeling better now thank goodness, I really hope yoy a speedy recovery. Remember it won't be forever, try and think of it as a little holiday! X


Oh Viki!!!! :-( I hope it heals quickly but do try to relax and let it heal properly. It must be very frustrating for you. I believe little four letter words are okay in your situation. ;-) Gayle


Another book suggestion: The courage to start by John Bingham. My copy should be arriving any day now. He has written several books and I read he is very inspirational. :-) Happy reading, TV watching etc!!!! :-)


What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami is also an excellent read. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was the thing that got me running again after my extended knee-induced break. :)

vikicatsGraduate in reply to Legion

Thanks. That's one of the books on my list. In fact I think I will go and order it now.

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