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Back on track... week 6, day 1, done!


So, I did the C25K over spring-summer last year but didn't finish, with lots of traveling and house troubles I managed to stay stuck in week 5 over the autumn until eventually stopped it.

Now I've re-started, nothing like after-summer guilt and the few extra pounds to motivate myself... I also promised myself to keep it quiet until I passed my previous achievement, so here I am and can finally report that I made it into week 6!!!!

Week 6... here I go... fingers crossed the fibromyalgia doesn't start acting out.

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Great job... and the tricky W6R1 is done. It’s just a matter of running now, small steps up and you’ll be just fine.

goyaGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

It wasn't hard at all, I had no idea the W6R1 was the tricky one, I'm more scared of the next ones...

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to goya

Don’t be scared... you’re ready and you have no quit in you! Steady as you go and it’ll be just fine.


Fibromyalgia, a relatively little known illness, but exceedingly nasty. Mrs Sparky suffers with it so I know just how debilitating it can be. Fabulous to get to week 6 but beware run 1, it has been known to be naughty and to sometimes catch people out. Hopefully you'll be able to treat it with the contempt it deserves, and just blast your way to the finish. Good luck and good running.

goyaGraduate in reply to sparkyjohn

Yeap, fibro is pretty nasty. I never imagined I would be able to run, but it's possible, lots of extra care, lots of paying attention to little signals, being ready to stop at any point and not think of it as defeat... and also taking running at the right moment. I know at other moments it would have been impossible. I'm just taking advantage that right now it's not so terribly bad... and I do ache anyways, so why not aching with a purpose.

I did W6R1... I think it helped I didn't know it was the tricky one, I'm more scared of the next ones!

sparkyjohnGraduate in reply to goya

Great attitude "aching with a purpose" I love it. Don't fear what's coming up you have the mind set to kick the gremlins into touch. You know what your body is telling you so hopefully you'll just take it in your stride.


Well done for restarting and for getting to week 6 👏😀, fantastic. I also started again after issues with my ankle. I am also on week 6! Doing run 1 tomorrow. Why is it tricky?

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