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C25k to Cardiff 10k in 5 months

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In April 2018 I started the C25k programme having never run previously. Hundreds of other people started at the same time, including HoagyM We graduated within a week or so of each other and progressed to ju-ju-s 10k plan. Since then, a bunch of us who started C25k at around the same time have kept in touch through social media, supporting, encouraging and offering advice where we can. Hoagy and I live a long way away from each other but today we both ran the Cardiff 10k and met in person. We both ran 10k PRs (Hoagy’s much faster than mine!). C25k has changed my life, improved my health and well-being and brought me friends both real and virtual. If you’re just starting out- good luck! I hope it does the same for you. Much love, happy running

Beth xx

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This is just wonderful!!

Congratulations to you both, as someone who's only about to start week 8, you are an inspiration :-)

Thank you boniobiscuits. Good luck for your final two weeks. You’ll be on that podium in no time! 🏅🎓🌟

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10k is amazing in such a short time. Great you both got PBs. I hope wales is prepared for the celebration! Enjoy.

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It is excellent progress BethMay - I find Wales is prepared for any celebration you can throw at it!

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That is so awesome! Who would've thought in that short time frame, you'd go from 0 to 10k, connect with some amazing people also going through the same journey, and then get to meet them in real life. I think it is so neat the friendships formed on here. I'm an incredibly long way from most of the people here and don't have the joys of a park run nearby but don't believe I'd still be running regularly over a year later if I didn't happen across this programme and the forum. It has changed many people's lives, mine included. Congrats BethMay and HoagyM on not only running a great race, but being able to meet and connect in person.

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