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Heard about this app from a friend and I’m itching to get started


I was away for a weekend with my friends and one friend i hadn’t seen for a long time had list over 4 stone by starting running using this app and continuing to run after it had finished. It was an eye opener and filled me with determination to get myself to the level that he is! I completed w1/r1 just about an hour ago and i feel really good about it and I’m so surprised at how well i managed. It has just made we want to complete run 2 asap! I will keep everyone posted on my progress and good luck everyone on their own journey!

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Welcome to a new way of life! 🏃‍♂️


Awesome! Well done for getting started. If weight loss is your goal then you’ll need to sort out your diet as well as doing the running, but yes you can lose loads. I was down about 2 1/2 stones after the 9 weeks of the plan, must be more now. You've done the hardest bit which is getting out for the first time. Good luck and keep going!


Welcome Darren... if your mate can do it, so can you. Good job on run one. Be very proud of each and every run and come and tell us about it. If you have a bad day let us know, we got you and there’s so much experience on here that someone will have been in that exact same position on this journey or in life. Enjoy.



Huge well done..Please do read this linked post. There is so much tried and tested advice there.

The mantra.. slow and steady... I am infamous for giving that advice. But.. it will get you safely and enjoyably to the 30 minute runs. Rest days are non negotiable..but you can do any amount of non impact strength and stamina exercise on some of those. Walking, swimming, climbing, cycling.. Yoga.. Pilates... cross training..if you have loads of energy :)

Remember to run this at your own pace.... each of us is different. Each run will make you stronger and by taking it gently you will really have fun and be ready for each one.

Keep posting too for encouragement and support :)


This is not a weight loss programme.. so you may..or may not lose weight... take a peek at the sister site... Weight Loss..many folk on here link that with this programme.... that may be useful if weight loss is your goal too :)

Well done on taking the most important step. I've just done w3r3 and its now becoming a habit.. Albeit one thats challenging as well as enjoyable. Good luck on your journey. 👍

Oh wow Darren, you won’t regret your decision! Welcome aboard, and happy running! 🏃‍♂️😀



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