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Advice from a friend

I needed motivation to go out in the cold yesterday evening, and asked a running friend to make me get out. She said, "you never regret a run once it's over." I thought, what a brilliant, concise little piece of motivation! It worked for me, so I thought I'd share it :)

Anyway, week 4 is done, and I surprised myself at how smoothly it went considering how hard I found the first 3 - something seems to have kicked in a little bit. Nervous about week 5 being in three different runs though, any tips from anyone who's on it or done it?

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Week 5 is the one that seems to intimidate the most. However, if you are like I was, all the weeks until the last one seem crazy-ambitious :)

Very few finish the programme "on time and with distance" so just do week 5 like every other one - slow and steady and remembering there are no "failure" runs, only "practice" and "success" ones once you actually go out the door :)

You've done four weeks, nothing to stop you doing the rest based on that objective evidence except your own doubt :)


Thank you!!! This forum is such a great support. I like the no failure runs, only practice runs idea. We've all got it in us somewhere, sometimes takes friendly advice to find it!


Onwards and upwards Pal :)


No need for nerves.. just slow and steady:)

This is the next step and it is natural progression.. you are ready for it !

" We have nothing to fear except Fear itself" Go for it !


Slow. 😊

I only started posting on here around week 5 and wish I'd had the advice to 'slow down' weeks earlier. Slow and steady, slower if you start feeling tired. For me it was the best advice ever.

Good luck and enjoy it😊


My advice is don't keep looking at your watch to see how long is left. Distract yourself with your surroundings, embrace how lovely the weather is😉

( February , ok🙄😜)

But seriously, just enjoy being ' out there' and remember how far you've come👍 Good luck😀

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Fascinating post, I'm obsessed with clockwatching ... today having simply practised W5R2, I've come to think maybe I'm getting this all wrong. If it's any help, as a 100% clockwatcher so far, don't try to make up a timer for Laura's runs. Laura doesn't stick to an absolute timing and making a timer will :

a) take you ages

b) take you longer than doing the run

c) drive you completely potty!

Come to think of it, I am potty already and I have already tried to make a timer ... if it helps and you need a hint, then the first 8 minute running interval of W5R3 as per Laura is actually 22 seconds short.

I'm finally with Jalapenolover101 and I am leaving the stopwatch and timer display on the phone at home next time.


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