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Hi guys, I've just joined tonight looking to get started but rather nervous about it, I have never been one for exercise but feel now is the time, I have lost over 4 stone since February 2018 and looking to lose a lot more my only problem is I don't have the confidence, is this achievable? How did yous get on when yous first started this? Any advice would 've much appreciated, thanks

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Well done for starting. I’m on week 2 and was petrified of running. I must admit I run on a treadmill as I wouldn’t feel safe running in the evening out on the road. You be surprised how addictive it is. Good luck x


Hi, this is a programme for everyone. You don’t need to be fit or sporty, you can do it regardless. The only thing that can stop you is... you! Make a start and do the first run and you'll be off to a flying start. Good luck!

Hi WeeKitty! You’ve made the right decision, 100%! This is a fabulous programme and this forum is so supportive! We’re happy you’ve joined us!

Stick with it, ask us anything and watch your confidence grow as you get fitter! 😀😀

Hi weekitty, i was new to this 3 weeks ago too, and in their own way everyone on here has been too! You have made the biggest leap by just getting started. Good on you, check by every now and then to let us know how it's going and for support!

Well done and good luck 🤞


Welcome. 4 stone off, that’s great. Don’t be nervous, a lot of us were exercise-phobic before this... I hadn’t run in 30 years, no sports and hated the gym. Losing that weight demonstrates good focus and determination, very hand skills to push you through the first few weeks. You can do this, you can be a runner, you can run a marathon one day if you want to. It will help any remaining weight loss and it will tone you up. Enjoy the journey.


Please read this linked post ...before you begin... there is so, so much useful advice.

The key tips... slow and steady... i am infamous for giving the advice! It works...:)

Rest day exercise is useful too... and pays dividends... non impact though. Walk, cycle, swim.. Yoga, Pilates:) Even a day's housework or gardening can help build up strength and stamina.

Keep posting too for great support and advice:)

No need for nerves.. just take each run gently and steadily... enjoy and know that each run you do prepares you for the next!


Thanks for all the advice, I'll be sure to keep yous all updated on how I get on 😀😀

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