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After a busy bank holiday weekend it was a challenge just getting out of bed this morning, but I did it. Got out and did W4R2 and actually found my thoughts wandering during the runs rather than thinking “is it time to stop yet?” which I’m taking as a good sign! One more Week four run on Thursday, then on to the dreaded week 5. Those who’ve done it, is it as scary as it looks? 😳

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Well done for getting to week 4👍

I think week 5 scares everyone but because this programme builds you up gradually you will manage it just great, and you will get that huge sense of achievement when you realise that you ARE a runner 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Take it slow and steady and treat each run like every other run - a step closer to graduation😊😊

Enjoy your rest day, complete week 4 and then go smash week 5 😊😊

musicalpolarbearGraduate in reply to Beanjo

Thank you! Definitely enjoying the programme so far, so hoping I can keep up!

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