W6R1 and still alive

Having been warned about W6R1 being a sneaky bugger, I took the advice and went out the door the say way I went for the previous run: no expectations, just all the best intentions and a good dose of determination. And it wasn't so bad! I am a bit puzzled as to why we're going back to interval running again, and even more puzzled at the hideously horribly horrendous walking music at the beginning (seriously?! I really thought it couldn't get much worse!).

Question for you: is it normal not to have sore legs the day after running? I have only had sore legs after my very first run, and never again since then. I wouldn't say I'm not pushing myself enough, because I'm going as fast as my breath will allow.


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9 Replies

  • Hi - I was the same....sore legs for the first week then nothing until week 9.....but not really bad soreness...just enough to let me know I had done some exercise.

    I didn't like going back to interval training either....I found it harder than constant running!

  • Well done! :-)

    As for the sore legs, it's not normal for me NOT to be sore. But then again, I am old, neglected, abused and decrepit. :-\ hehehe

    As long as you can breath and finish, all is well. The soreness will come at some point. Enjoy not being sore while it lasts.

  • Great run, that positive atitude works well!

    It is not compulsory to have sore legs! Just keep listening to your body and now you are running more ensure you stretch well after each run to help.

    Good luck runner!

  • If you don't get sore legs you are lucky but it probably means you are going nice and steady and taking your rest days 🙂

    You are doing really well. Not long now 😃

  • My understanding of the reason for the return to intervals is because the jump in week 6 is bigger than previous weeks. We are able to manage this as we have grown stronger over the past 5 weeks (15 runs). But you need to jump from 20 mins at the end of W5 to 25 mins at the end of week six. A 20% increase.

    When we do this programme we don't really think about the walking intervals, but they are critical for building our stamina between the runs. (In fact there is a lot of debate as to whether running or walking burn more calories - I'm sure others will know more about this).

    Without week 6, I think it would be a ten week programme, with the last 5 weeks being three reps of the same long run each week.

    At least thats what I kept telling myself during week 6. I still didn't enjoy it much though.

  • Thanks for all your replies, your comments about W6 intervals and soreness make sense! I'll keep going the way I am and I'll accept W6 for what it is, poor thing can't help being the odd one out!

  • Very true. As I ran yesterday morning the heavens opened up, halfway through my run and I was soaked through to the skin. It was a very uncomfortable experience with the rain in my eyes and my clothes all cold and wet. However, I didn't stop. Now, I am more proud of that run than my others that I have enjoyed far more.

    That's how I feel about W6. W5 was a joy during each run. But W6 was a real test for me and that's why W6R3 was so much sweeter for me than W5R3.

    Glad you are enjoying it though!

  • Amazing achievement, persisting when even the elements seem to have it out for you! That's definitely something to be proud of. I'll take example from your determination!

  • About 20 minutes after my run the sun came out and it was a beautiful day!

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