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W6R1 - Carried along by the playlist

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Having read many a mixed tale about people's experiences of W6R1 I set off this morning not really knowing what to expect.

It's a weird one for sure. After the elation of completing W5R3 and the sheer joy (and maybe a touch of disbelief?) of being able to run for 20 mins, going back to intervals is tough.

By the time the 8-minute section kicked in, I'd kind of settled into it, but thank goodness the 'big guns' playlist kicked in and a bit of AC/DC, Kings of Leon and Creedence Clearwater Revival took my mind off it all.

Definitely a mind over matter run for me today with a few gremlins being shoved out of the way at around the half-way mark, but, I did it, I bloody well did it!

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Great job! Enjoy the intervals while you can 😉

Yep! Same for me yesterday - you sort of think it’s going to be easy after running 20 mins non stop, but not the case. Have expanded my playlist too. Mr Brightside got me thru it! I did my W6R1 yesterday. Glad I did it. Do you think running wii ever be easy and a pleasure?

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boniobiscuitsGraduate in reply to Daftclare

I do find it a pleasure in the main, but, at the same time, some days I seem to have to work at the actual physicality much harder than others. I have runs where I feel as if I have wings at my heels and other days or sections where I feel as if I'm trying to run through water.

I guess that's the nature of the beast and where mind over matter comes in? I do love how it makes me feel, so, so far, there are more positives than negatives.

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Kudos, I’ve notice that music does keep me going as well. Good luck.

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Good playlists are what make the difference for me too, definitely getting me through the longer runs! Well done!

Yeah I couldn't do this without music. Was quite shocked to read on the Park Run website they prefer people to not listen to music on the way round. I understand they need you to be alert for instructions / other runners but there's no way I can do 5k without a gentle bit of thrash metal in my ears...

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Congrats on what does sound like a challenging run but you cracked it and even rid the world of a couple of gremlins. So it will be with trepidation I step out tomorrow morning (all being well, never like to tempt fate) but I will treat it the same as all the others - one foot in front of the other and breathe....

Have an awesome day, it's another step closer to the 5k goal!!

Well done, couldn’t run without my AC/DC Thunderstruck.

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