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W6r1 schoolboy errors

So, I was looking forward to this week after completing w5. I was back at the gym and started off but I started way too quick (got cocky!), and half way through I realised I hadn't made my customary WC visit prior to my run. I made it through, but I ran faster from the treadmill to the loo at the end of the run than I had been on the treadmill!

It is amazing how you can go from flying so high, to being frustrated. That said, it is all a learning curve

Roll on w6r2 on Wednesday.

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I did W6 R1 tonight, I was also pretty hyped after W5 R3, but it was probably the hardest and worse run I've done, not sure why! Going to take a couple of rest days and hope w6 r2 is better! On wards and upwards!


Glad it wasn't just me!


Me too! But a bunch of people seem to have said the same thing. My calf muscles were killing me by the end. Ah well, long hot bath, rest day tomorrow, let's see what r2 brings!


Gets a lot of people the same way (me included). On paper it should be a piece of cake, having run for 20 mins in the previous run but I think our subconscious tells us it's such a shorter run we should go for it, with the result we go too quickly in the first run and then spend the rest of the session trying to recover. That's what I think I did anyway. Strangely week 7 I find easier, because you're doing the same run every time.

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haha this made me giggle! maybe start 20 minutes away from the loo and gun it to your target!


If you read through the older posts on here you will see most people come a cropper in one way or another on W6, it's a really sneaky one! get it behind you and you'll be a runner! I've also read that some people find a loo break a bit um, pressing, sometimes, apparently it's all the jiggling around! Hasn't happened to me, I'm a first thing in the morning gal, but it passes apparently!


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