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W1R1 wimp


Moan alert. It’s all very dispiriting but having to hang up my *new* running shoes. I did the first session at the weekend and I have developed a throbbing ankle over the next 2 days. Must be some inherent weakness. Because I’ve never run, I’ve never come across it before. I can’t risk injuring myself as I have to work full time.

I will give it a while, but have a feeling I may be one of those people not meant to run. Husband is (very aggravatingly) doing a “told you so”. Sorry to be a wet blanket. Feeling disproportionately sorry for myself today. 😥🙄

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Oh no!!

Don't give up quite yet. Give yourself a few days and then maybe do a few 30 minutes walks, then a week or so running for 30 secs and walking for 90. Think of it as easing yourself into the programme with a "W0".

Don't want you leaving us yet. The fun hasn't started :-) xx

Please don't give up Janny12 , it could be something as simple as your trainers aren't the right type and not giving you enough support?

Before I even got started my husband, who has been running for 40 years, insisted that I went to our local running shop and have a gait analysis done and buy trainers that were right for me. I'm pretty sure that has been one of the main things that have helped me progress massively.

Ease yourself in gently with some walks at a brisker pace than you would normally move at and see how it goes maybe?


As with many before you, starting to exercise has exposed a weakness in your body.

You have two choices.......give up the exercise and live the rest of your life with this weakness and many others that exist, or you do appropriate exercises to strengthen your weaknesses and lead a fully functioning life.

It may be that your inherent weaknesses can not be corrected, but surely it is worth investigating and trying to improve the situation rather than resigning yourself to inactivity, with all the associated complications.

Perhaps you need to to start with some gentle exercise and walking, as suggested in the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... for those who are new to exercise. C25K is like any other structured exercise regime in that it is progressive, but we have to accept that we do not all start from the same place physically.

The other consideration is your "new trainers". If these are not proper running shoes fitted after a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop, then there is a chance that they may be inappropriate for your running style, regardless of the brand or cost of the shoes. However, until your ankles are strengthened, it would not help that much, unless you have unusual foot action.

Please don't give up on exercising, it can hugely improve your quality of life as well as your lifespan, but you need to start within your existing ability.

Keep us posted.

Sound advice from everyone but can I also mention that not only does running help with your physical health but also your mental health.

I finished the C25K programme once before and ended on an Achilles injury which messed up my training to continue and then I got out of the habit of running and therefore became unfit and gained weight etc. This time I started from week 1 with compression socks and new trainers. I’m not saying it’s the answer but in my opinion the compression socks have definitely provided extra support around the ankle. I’m now on W8R3 and fingers crossed my ankle seems fine.

It would be worth investing in the right footwear/support whilst you prepare you’re body and mind for running.

The very best of luck 😊

Thanks. I did get gait analysis but not sure how thorough it was - or maybe you can’t expect it to pick up on less obvious ticks?

I will rest my oddly “hot” ankle and maybe go back to swimming. I’m not a natural runner but I can swim like a fish! 🐟

Running puts massive pressure in the body so don't be disheartened.

Assuming it's a weakness rather than the trainers I'd say put C25k on hold for a month and spend 3 sessions a week strengthening and conditioning your body. Yes the whole body not just the legs as its all involved in the mechanics of running.

Look at this NHS programme


or watch any number of videos on YouTube about beginners jogging strengthening.


Janny12 in reply to Agi74

Thank you. I will take a look at that.

Mine are the same. I have never run before I do a lot of swimming. I was screaming in agony both ankles were in so much pain. I am going to try support bandages on them for day 2

Janny12 in reply to Runfr2018

That sounds awful. Do take care - I’m dosed up with Ibuprofen at the moment. Hope you feel better soon.

Also lots here


Oh noooo! Please please please don't give up!! Go even slower, run for seconds and walk briskly , give it time but don't give up!!! I'm afraid you might translate that into failure and that is not good for you! Plus it is not the same for everyone so allow yourself to adjust the program for your never-ran style.

I never ran either. So i REALLY listened to laura'stips:

1.SLOW and steady

2.step on the heel, not the tips

3. Run without bounce

Good luck! Don't leave us 😍

Agi74 in reply to Mayanow

Hi is step 2 right?ithought you're not meant to run on heels but more the midfoot as its more efficient?

Mayanow in reply to Agi74

I'm not sure. Will check it out again. I try to step the way i walk. But it has worked for me. I have had no injuries or discomfort. And i NEVER ran before. 😁

Taking precautions and wanting to run injury free is good but giving up is not. The only way never to fail is never to try.

Every one can run. Humans have been running for millennia, albeit some slow some fast but run is natural except in some extreme circumstances. I see niggles as a way to connect more with my own body and become more attuned to its needs of which giving up isn't the option. Respond to it in a positive and compassionate way and remember all the gains will outweigh the pains eventually.

All the best...

Thanks. I will try. Am coming to (non swimming) exercise fairly late in life and had a dreadful gym training experience last year - bad PT and some permanent nerve damage - so I got scared...

Really give it some time - think about an ankle support too - I have a dicky knee and it hurt like hell early on so I put volterol on and run in a knee support - I can feel it but it’s not a problem - I suspect it will improve as I lose weight!!

Hi Janny12 , how are your ankles feeling now?

Hi boniobiscuits,

Thank you for asking. Clearly I was being a bit of a drama queen last week! 😳 The right ankle stopped its weird achey throbbing after 5 days of the run and taking it easy. I found some NHS ankle strengthening exercises and have been doing them in the meantime. Seems to be helping. I might even try a very gentle run later.

I must say it’s been really helpful to hear about other runners’ experiences. I really did think that I had gone and done something terrible in my naivety and total ignorance of things sporty. Now I’m excited about learning to see what my body - any body - can do, given time.

This is a really supportive forum. And I’m not beaten yet!

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