My first official run

Good morning everyone. Last night I completed w6r3. 6 weeks ago there is no way that I thought I'd ever run for 25 minutes! The reason I started the course was I foolishly volunteered to take part in a 3km or 6km Colour Me Happy run...this Sunday! So thanks to Laura I am confident that as long as I pace myself I will be able to complete the run. The question I have is warm up. I will not have Laura's warm up and cool down walks so what do we do instead? Stretches? I have not managed to find any satisfactory answers on the web. Anyway here's looking forward to my first official 3km run - and the chance to get completely covered in paint!

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  • Well done on getting so far. The colour me happy run sounds fun!

    Why not do the 5 minutes warm up\down walking around timing yourself with a watch?

    Stretches come after the warm down.


  • You should take Laura on your run, and just treat it as part of the programme, when I did my first race Laura came with me, kept me going and I just continued to run through the warm down walk section and was finished just after the end of the podcast. I just did the warm up walk a bit earlier to get the legs going, and often they lay on a fitness person who gives you a few stretches, movements to get you warmed up about 5 mins ahead of the start time.

    Enjoy the run - I get covered in paint next week at the Color Run in Manchester

  • I did my first race run a couple of weeks back I noticed members of the local athletics club doing a light jog around the rugby pitch before the race started as their warm up. I just did a brisk walk. Then at the end I saw the athletics club doing another light jog around the rugby pitch as a cool down.

    I not sure if your run comes under any particular jurisdiction I do know that under some you are not allowed ipods or similar but I cannot really imagine such rules would apply for this event so take Laura with you.

    Good luck with the run, let us know how you get on.

    All the best


  • I cant really add much as its all been said, except , well done, you should be so proud, and let us know how you got on

  • Thank you all for your positive responses. Because of the paint throwing, they have recommended phones etc stay behind. But I am doing this with some people I work with so we will motivate each other I'm sure. More news tomorrow!

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