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Back at it!


Having graduated in June I had my first break from the programme this month. Two weeks of no running and managed to drag myself out to bed to go this morning (spurred on by some of you lovely people). It was hard, but the horror I had imagined did not occur. Took longer than normal to find my stride / breathing pattern and did have to really push towards the end. But no injuries and my muscles were not burning as a I feared! Glad all the effort I’ve put in hasn’t been lost. Motivated to get back into a routine :)

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Knew you could do it! Well done, happy running on your new plan.

Brilliant! Good to know that hear that the odd break doesn’t spell disaster! Well done you! Glad it was a good run. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️👍🏻👍🏻


I'm sure a break does you good 👍


That is good to know . As i am about to go on holiday for two weeks

I went abroad for 10 nights and ate junk and drank vino every day, afternoon and evening!! Anyways struggled to get back into It as I just couldn’t get motivated but the actual running is no harder than pre-break!

Way more tired though after the run Zzzzz Zzzz

Elmz in reply to Ashley0304

Yeh I was tired, but hoping it won’t take long to be back to normal!!

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