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Wk9r3 done - I’ve graduated! But today was a mental challenge


I can’t believe it but I’ve done it! I’ve graduated. Not at 5k yet but I know I’ll get there...

today was a real battle. I had to drag myself around from about the ten minute point telling myself there was no way I wasn’t graduating today - but what a relief to reach the end!

Run 1, mental gremlins 0

Keep going everyone and congratulations to anyone else just graduated or graduating this week.

I’m off for a shower and then onto the podium now. :)

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Well done you . Beating the gremlins whoppie 😁

Good on you! I remember when I graduated a couple of years ago - it took me at least a few more weeks before I could actually run a 5K without stopping. Keep going :)


🙌🏻🙌🏻 Congrats!! 🏅

Woo Hoo. Well Done. i cant wait to post this too.


Brilliant well done and congrats x


thanks everyone for the replies and congratulations - it's a great feeling. If you're not there yet it's well worth keeping going! :) and if you've already graduated - congratulations and I hope you are still enjoying running.


Well done. Up you get 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️🍾

Well done! I want to be there... what is next for you?


Thank you. You will get there. 😄

I’m planning a couple of weeks of consolidation runs - 30 mins consistently 2-3 times a week and then to edge up to get to 5k. At current speed that means being able to run for 40 mins... but I’d like to get a bit faster at some point.

Also got to figure out what to do about my holiday in two weeks time. Last time I took my running kit and did three runs but that was in Cornwall. This time I’m off to Barcelona so it’s going to be hot! (I’m not complaining but not sure about running there!)

Good luck with your running.


Well Done !! enjoy the podium :)


Thank you. I am doing 😄 - it’s a great view... although I can see my new 5k target stretching out in front of me... will be getting the trainers back on on Monday.

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