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Week 9 takes flight


I can’t believe I’ve just completed my penultimate run 😀. Three months ago If you’d told me I’d be in the gym after working two 12 hour shifts followed by a training course away from home I just wouldn’t have believed it.

After a day in the classroom getting to grips with the intricacies of airborne satellite data communications a few of us had decided that the gym next to the hotel might be a good way to wind down.

Having come prepared with my running gear (kind of hoping that the opportunity would arise) I immediately set my sights on the treadmill and completing W9R2.

Although I was tired, today felt really solid. A welcome change from the previous couple of runs which I’d really struggled with. Not sure if it was my fitness improving or the change of location but I finished the 30 minutes feeling good so pushed on to 5K in a respectable (for me) 37 minutes.

It just goes to show how a programme like C25K can successfully change a once sedentary sloth to a (In the words of Jo Whiley) skipping Gazelle.

I can’t quite believe that the next run will be my graduation! No way would I have got this far without reading all the wonderful posts, support and motivation that this forum provides.

Proud to call myself a C25K runner 👟🏃‍♂️✈️

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Wow - well done and with so much else going on!!! I copped out and waited till I retired so extra points to you for pushing on. Nearly there now 🎖

Spannerz20Graduate in reply to Robert_IS_a_Runner

Thanks Robert, congratulations on your recent graduation - hopefully won’t be long before I join you with a shiny new graduate badge of my own 👍🏻

Robert_IS_a_RunnerGraduate in reply to Spannerz20

Go gazelles!


Well done and keep it up, post grad run. 👍🏻

Spannerz20Graduate in reply to MVBrown

Thanks, I definitely want to carry on post graduation 🎓

Wow! Well done you! You have motivated me to keep on going!

Spannerz20Graduate in reply to Emilyallen28

Glad to hear it 🙂 I’ve been motivated by reading everybody’s posts on here too. Won’t be long before you’ll be looking at graduation yourself 🏃‍♀️🎓


Brilliant brilliant brilliant!! Just one more. We're cheering you on all the way!!

Spannerz20Graduate in reply to sallenson

Hopefully will be tomorrow, I can hear the cheers and champagne 🍾 corks popping already 😀

sallensonGraduate in reply to Spannerz20

And cake!! Must have cake!!

Have a great time and promise to grin like a lunatic all day :-)

Spannerz20Graduate in reply to sallenson

Cake now there’s an idea 🎂🙂

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