Cold weather = faffage x 2!

Being something of an addict when it comes to buying running clothes, this colder weather poses a real dilemma. It now takes me twice as long to sort out how many layers of different sorts I will need to be warm enough when I first go out without going into complete meltdown on the way back!

So, I can report that I opted, for the first time this winter for a complete double layer - lovely run!


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22 Replies

  • It is a problem. I've been going out wearing too much "because it's December so it'll be cold", whereas it's actually been quite warm and I've been too hot. Now it's turned colder (first frost this morning) I may be just warm enough. My hands are the key; if I can keep them warm the rest of me is OK! Happy New Year, and lots of running.

  • Thanks Gordon, and Happy New Year to you! I expect you have lots of adventures planned for 2016!

  • We haven't actually, which is very unlike us. Must get on & remedy that! 😀

  • Must admit I just go out in the normal leggings and T-shirt but then I still have a natural thermal layer of my own to keep me warm. Being extra cuddly does have some advantages!! ;-)

  • Crikey - you're tough. No wonder you have a penguin in your photo. You obviously like the colder weather.

  • Yes, long legs and jacket this morning. did try the long leggings few weeks back - again just because it was winter, and got too hot. Today just right. Happy new year.

  • And to you Ancientrunner - happy running in 2016!

  • Snug as a bug...! Go you! I am still trying to work out how to find something to wear to keep the wet off my glasses! :)

  • I was snug! I've got some fleecy lined running tights which are the bees knees - just been waiting for a chance to try them out!

  • I have just started wearing long sleeved tops , but no jacket as yet as I get far too hot .

    I may have to get my gloves out soon though.

    Floss, try a baseball or any cap with a peak, they are perfect for keeping the rain off your specs :-) xxx

  • I always start with the gloves. If my hands are warm I don't seem to need much else. ( hmm, that conjures up a slightly scary image, but you know what I mean)

  • Me too, I get warm. Went out today with long tights, vest top, and long sleeved top (so double layer for the torso). Was fine, hands got a bit cold at the start, but shoved my sleeves over them, they then heated up.

    I hate getting to warm, and hate carrying excess clothing.

    On the other hand, got caught out a couple of weeks ago, and abandoned a run after getting wet, and it was really cold, also was doing intervals, so got really really cold on the walking bits.So abandoned it at 7k. Should have worn a jacket that day.

    So hard to know how much to put on.

  • Thanks for that... Grey snail with cap... I like it :)

  • Ha Ha Ully ! :-) xxx

  • Oh, complete nerd here - I check the weather forecast before I run, if it's 12 C or above, shorts and short sleeves, lower that 12 C means leggings and long sleeve top. It has to be pretty chilly for me to want my jacket...

  • Ah Curly - but what about the wind chill factor? It's that wind coming across the field that does for me.

  • So far that hasn't bothered me much, I'm in town so that must make a difference. Not many fields around here!

  • Last year I got all kitted out with buff and gloves etc, only wore them for the warm up, then had to carry them, so I don't bother now.

  • Feel a right wimp next to you lot. For me it is thermal tights, long sleeved top, thermal jacket, running gloves, thin fleece tunnel scarf and fleece hat! If it drops to -15, I'll be too bundled up to move!

  • If it gets that cold I'll not be stepping out either - mind you, Runswithdogs goes running with about 12 feet of snow all winter!

  • It has turned freezing cold here -8 at the mo and feels like -12. Brr I'm adding a fleece to my regular outfit above when I go out in an hour or so and I'm thinking about a second pair of socks. My husband says it is too cold for a run but can't give up now, nearly into w9. Dunno why I am not living somewhere sensible like the Algarve....

  • I think we all ask ourselves that sometimes - where are you that is so cold?

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