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Still hanging in there


Down to 1 kid - eldest has decided to drop out for now - which is fine, he was probably fitter than the rest of us anyway, and was I suspect only ever in it to avoid being left out and now finds it boring. The dynamic works better with just two of us because they aren't competing and then bickering!

Did Week 5 run 3 last night which was the first of the long non break runs - I got through it fine, junior struggled a bit with a stitch so had to walk a few seconds here and there. So I think rather than repeat that one we'll go for week 6 run 1 as that's got the breaks back in it to build up again.

Fairly sure our run time doesn't entirely help - difficulty being that with it being holidays I'm up and out before anyone else is up, and not back until 6:30pm so by the time we've eaten, allowing even an hour means we're not out until around 8pm which is now starting to get gloomy. I suspect lack of gap after the meal might be contributing to the stitch problem. We'll probably be fine for the next run because its got the breaks in it, might suggest for the next long run which will be Monday we go literally as I get home from work and eat afterwards to see if that works better - it seemed to last week when we were away camping (fortunately on a huge showground site so we could run round the site). If we can get through next week, we're away again for the last week of August so may have better flexibility for run times.

The gathering gloom is building my case for some new running stash - have my eye on the new Bath Rugby training top in yellow - for visibility obviously!

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Shame one of your team dropped out, but I get the better dynamic thing all too well. Sounds like a good run there and yes, eating too close before running will throw a bunch of spanners into the works.

Obviously you need some high visibility gear for the dark nights... that Bath top sounds like essential shopping to me as well.

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