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It took every bit of motivation to get out of the door today. Its the first time I have felt like this and I think it was more to do with the driving wind and rain than anything else. As soon as I heard Laura's voice I was there, in the mode. The 5 minute runs were easy and I had to tell myself 5 weeks ago I couldn't run for 60 seconds! Amazing! I am at least 5 stone overweight and have never done anything like this before.

I've been looking at entering a 5k 'race for life' in the summer as a way of keeping up the motivation ! However feel really scared about doing something like this on my own. Has anyone else plucked up the courage to enter a race for the first time without knowing anyone? I have no idea how these things operate...

Loving this site by the way, this is the first time I have posted and I get so much inspiration from all you lovely people out there.

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Good for you! I'm on week one, and you've just inspired me to do a race for life in the summer too. I think you just google it and follow their links to sign up? I did one a few years back, its very friendly and quite moving, esp when people pin on their backs who they have lost to cancer. Good luck!

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My first race was Race for Life. It was great to have something to aim for. The atmosphere was great and with lots of people walking you can go as slow as you like with no pressure at all. I'd say go for it!

I did my first 10km race yesterday and I didn't know anyone there either. Still lots of fun though. :-)

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Hiya! It's such a great sense of achievement when you realise how far you've come, isn't it? I had to remind myself that I used to worry about running for 60 seconds, too! I'm sure you'll get through this week no problem =]

I reckon that if you joined a parkrun once you graduate from Couch25K, you'd meet others who would be doing race for life in your area, so you'd probably get to know people who would be doing it through that, if that makes sense. If not though just take some friends to cheer you on as you do it =]

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Thank you all, your comments are really helpful. I think I am just finding my feet (haha) at the moment and once I graduate I will be feeling lots more confident. The posts on here are truly so supportive, and Pam i feel privileged to know I am inspiring others to do well too.

Hopefully I might meet up with one or two of you at a race in the future!


First of all - Well done for getting this far on the plan!

Secondly I've done a few race for life events over the last 5 years. At my first I didn't have a clue, had no training, I just wanted to do it. I did find it hard because I was so unfit but its such an amazing event to be a part of. I was on my own I just blended into a sea of pink and ran/walked the 5k with my now hubby and my kids cheering me on at various points on the course. Having lost my grandparents and sister to cancer, I was in tears when I crossed the finish line and I ached for days lol.

I then went on to do 3 more with my daughter, 2014 I ran the lot thanks to c25k and and now she's old enough for it we're doing a pretty muddy 5k in September :)

I'm redoing the plan after a break from running, start week 6 tomorrow, weigh 7 stone more than I'd like to and signed up for a 10k at the end of May to give me focus on running and losing weight. Since starting the plan again and being on a strict diet I've lost a stone.

I say to anyone wanting to do race for life or any other 5k race - go for it!

You can do it! Good luck! :)

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I did a Race for Life after I graduated (first time around!). Although I'd signed up with my mother-in-law, I was always planning on running, and she was walking, so we went our own separate ways.

Last summer I did a 10k with a friend - again each going at our own pace, so we crossed the start line together and met up after the finish! For that one, I fell into pace with another runner, and we chatted(!) for about 6-7k before I had to take a bit of a walking break.

So I'd say don't worry about going on your own. Either you'll find someone to run with, and have a good time with them, or you'll have a peaceful run just going at your own pace. :)

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Go you.. brilliant!

You will get used to the wind and rain....most of us do!

I even have my own little rain cloud that follows me!!!

Plus.. rain water is sooooo good for the complexion!:)

Onwards and upwards...!

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