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Sore arch


Wk3 r2 wow that was tough. I’ve got a pain under the arch in my foot only when I put trainers on to walk/run. So went out and invested in a proper pair of runners and I was told I turn my right foot inward when I run. My foot is even more sore with the running trainers on 😫😪 isit because I’m not used to so much support? I have to say other than that they are so comfy!

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Morn, is it worth speaking to shop u bought shoes from? They sound like they know about ‘gait’ etc Sorry can’t be of more help.

BluLeopard in reply to GTTOBS

Yes I think I’ll have to speak to them thank you

misswobbleGraduate in reply to BluLeopard

If you’re not happy go back and get it sorted 😃👍

If the shop know about gait you can go back and talk to them about in and in some cases they will do an exchange. sweatshop used to but they’ve closed.

I have custom insoles made as I get pain underfoot and it cured it straightaway.

Thank you, I’m going to try an orthopaedic sports insole as I think it’s actually my foot aposed to the trainer now 😂

I have fallen arches, so proper insoles help me lots. Definitely worth a try.

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