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W2R3 Adjusting to knee pain


I was a bit anxious going into my run this morning as yesterday brought a slight flare up of an intermittent knee problem which I've had for many years but (thankfully) hasn't occurred so far in my previous runs. I did some rest day pilates and quite a lot of walking yesterday so I think I must have twisted it slightly triggering tenderness, a bit of swelling and sharp pain with any sort of twisting motion. I really didn't want to get out of my routine (and in the scale of things it registered pretty low on my pain scale) so I decided to persevere, wearing a support bandage for a bit of extra confidence and taking things gently. I concentrated on keeping really good form and landing lightly and evenly on each foot (knowing that overcompensating with my good knee just leads to further problems with knee/hip joints!). Managed to run all the intervals, albeit quite a lot slower than the other runs I've done this week, and it actually feels looser and less painful than when I started. Proud of myself for listening to my body and adapting the way I needed to to keep going and not injure myself further!

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You clearly know your body, so good for you for getting out there and taking it easy. Just be ultra careful if you feel sharp pain whilst actually running I’d say. 😀

But you’re doing everything right so far! Keep going and good luck! 😀😀🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

EmilyReadsGraduate in reply to cheekychipmunks

Thanks, yeah I will be careful - I think I just have to be very aware not to put any twisting motion into the running (which is easy to do by accident as I run on tasks that can be a little uneven underfoot). Congratulations on graduating that's fantastic!

I’ve got dicky knees and bought a proper knee support from boots- looked huge and I thought it was over the top and I wouldn’t use it but it’s been great and I can thoroughly recommend it - good luck and keep going!

EmilyReadsGraduate in reply to MandiV

Thanks Mandi, I will definitely bear that in mind if I need something more substantial - i'm crossing my fingers it's just a blip and two rest days over the weekend will help!

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