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I'm still here! (not that you missed me) and still posting!


Well, it seems like a while ago since I last posted. Now it's not like I've been avoiding you, coz I haven't. I've just been very busy . . . . . honest gov, that's all it is!

Work keeps me incredibly busy including loads of travelling up, down and across this fine nation of ours. But just because I've been busy (I have, really!), it doesn't mean I've been slacking on the running front. Indeed, I have made a real effort NOT to let running fall by the wayside.

Google maps and Mapometre (excellent route planning website), have meant where ever I have found myself in the UK, I managed to find somewhere to run and do it three times a week. Ok, sometimes is been a bloody long walk to get there, but it makes for a handy warm up walk.

Talking of warm, how have you been coping with the heat over the last few weeks? If you're like me, I love the warm, sunny weather, but it is a real pig to run in - saps your strength, energy and will to carry on . . . . . but we have! I still find it hard to believe that since starting C25k back in April, graduating in June and throughout all my consolidation runs (including Parkruns), I am yet to do a run in the wet - it's true, but I beginning to think that record is about to come to an end (it is raining as I speak).

And even though I seemed to have plateaued a wee bit with pace, I have hit and maintained that magical 5k in 30 minutes (see last nights run stats above). I am so pleased that I have done it and I am so pleased that (for now at least), the running bug is still a part of me. For those of you perhaps wondering what to do help you maintain the drive (for want of a better word) once you graduate, I cannot recommend highly enough PARKRUN. Parkrun is a weekly, free 5k run that happens all over the UK, there is bound to be one near you.

I'm now looking forward to my first medal event in just over a weeks time. Not that you have to win, you just have to finish (which is good news for me) and it just gives you something tangible, something to hold to show that just some of all that hard work and sweat has got you somewhere.

Keep running, keep having fun and keep posting. Talk to you all very soon!


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So glad to hear you're still about and keeping up with your runs 👍

Life has a nasty habit of getting in the way doesn't it!?

I just ignored the heat, couldn't do anything about it so just got on with it. Cooler today but I did miss the cheery sunshine. Felt like autumn going to work.

Keep updating us! And keep on keeping on! 👍🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️😁

Julian1970Graduate in reply to GoGo_JoJo

I said the same thing to some one today JoJo. It does feel like autumn (YUUUKKK!), it's cold(er) and wet, the worst combination of weather as for as I'm concerned. Bring back the SUNSHINE! :D :D :D


Well done on keeping running whilst so busy!

Don’t like this heat at all - sometimes I go to the gym instead of running outside. I’ve always loved summer, but I find myself longing for autumn 😱😳

Also love the ParkRun! Can’t decide which to do this week - getting some ParkRun tourism in 👌🏽Where is your home run?

Keep running 🏃🏽‍♀️

Julian1970Graduate in reply to Tasha99

Hi Tasha, my local run is Gorleston Cliffs. Nice two lap course, along the cliffs and down along side the beach. Sounds nice and it is, but even though it's right beside the beach, there has been so little in the way of a breeze the last few weeks.

Tasha99Graduate in reply to Julian1970

Ooh sounds lovely!

Julian1970Graduate in reply to Tasha99

It really is!


Hi Julian...glad you are still running regularly. I also don't really post anymore. Seems daft as there's nothing new to tell! Also loving the running still although still not broken the 30 minute barrier! Getting close now though...Think it might be helped by slightly cooler weather! Tentatively started JuJu's 10k plan and due to do 7k next 😱😱 Running longer has helped my pace for shorter distances though it seems. Good to hear from you. Happy running x

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