Teenybopper completed W1D1!! (Reposted since I posted in Bridge to 10k by mistake)

Last time my daughter snuck out early for her run to avoid me as she has always hated me to see her fail at anything. She didn't manage all the running but today we did it together and she did a great job. Her problem like for a lot of newbies was pacing, she speeds up within the running block. Anyhow she was happy after completing the run and we had a good natter and slagged off the music in the walking breaks so it was quite good fun. She said she'd enjoyed it a lot more than her first run so I am really happy we managed to run together.

We also have a virtual running buddy in OldPossum's 77 year old (!) mum. So we'll be keeping tags on her. She'll be a run ahead of us now but it will be good seeing her progress through the weeks with us. Please Possum recommend a weekly bath with Epsom salts if you have not already done so. Love the stuff! Good luck to all newbies out there!

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  • Well done to you and your daughter, Bop! Big tick in the "good parental role model" box too! πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Sandra :) I'm so glad she liked it.

  • I will pass on the Epsom salt tip - I have very sensitive skin so avoid anything in my bath water πŸ˜€ So glad your daughter enjoyed her run with you today, C25k really does bridge generations doesn't it. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • It certainly does! I always add almond oil to the bath water. I order a big bottle over the internet. My daughter has very sensitive skin too but the almond oil keeps your skin lovely and soft and since it is the pure oil, no perfumes or additives, therecis nothing to irritatecthe skin. She manages the Epsom salt bath with a splash of oil inthe water. Must say the salts are good for aches and pains.

  • Maybe I will try a foot bath first that will give me an indication. Although I must admit I'm so hot most of the time these days I opt for cold showers rather than hot baths I might wait for winter πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • I know. Bring on the cooler weather!

  • Maybe give me another week of sunshine we are going away in our caravan, or to steal a line from Oldfloss our little tin tentπŸ˜€, for a week.

  • Have a nice trip in the tin tent. Where are you off to?

  • Near Petworth in Sussex. Fast all is starting week 5 tomorrow so should have his first 20 minute run while we are away that is going to be our first run together. As he said "we have a date". πŸ˜€

  • Excellent! You're really pulling in the converts. Hope I don't miss that post.

  • πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ I think it's because I've always been such a "non runner" that they think if I can do it so can they. Plus they can see how much happier I am.

  • Wonderful news - well done to Tbopper for completion - hurrah! And way to go! to coachbop! We only have ourselves to whinge about the music with, but that's OK, bonus for you two, another hurrah!

  • I'd forgotten quite how well awfuL it is but I've been running with my own playlists for a while now I suppose (which other people would probably find dreadful!). I've already warned her that if she didn't like W1, there is worse ahead. There is "Julie". Evil cackle. But if we ran through it, why should she have it easier? It'll be good for her character. ;)

  • Absolutely! Great coaching skills Bop, teehee!!

    It's all good πŸ˜‰

  • I've always said it is character forming.

    Although the Week 1 music made me cry and not in a bad way.

  • That's really sweet. Love all the positive ways running affects us.

  • Every mum's dream... to firstly get them interested and then to actually run together. Awesome :) (the dire music is one of the plusses too, - we all have something in common to moan about)!

  • Haha McFitty, you're right there. We managed some nice bonding over the music. The NHS think of everything :)

  • Wait 'til you hit week 8 together ;)

  • You've got me worried now. What was W8 again?

  • I've had enough of you and Julie :-D :-D

  • That has to be the best choice of running song ever. Haha. I mean, where did they find it?! Did you know, I looked it up once, it is actually on youtube. I've already warned her the music gets worse and she has "Julie" to look forward to. She was quizzing me on it but I kept tight-lipped. It will be a nice surprise when she first hears it :)

  • I love Julie! I didn't realise it was a 'real' song though... I'm off for a youtube forrage :-D

  • I found myself singing along to "Julie" this morning, out loud! That said, I'll be glad to see the back of her. She's not in week 9 is she?

  • My lips are sealed :-D

  • You get a nice trumpet fanfare in W9. That always gave me a new lease of life. Very nearly there now BRG. Well done getting this far :)

  • She's in your brain now and the problem is, she stays there.

  • Tell me about it! I've had Julie going round my head since I posted half an hour ago!!

  • I'm intrigued to meet Julie.

  • You're in for a treat.

  • Do I detect a hint of sarcasm :-D

  • No, no. It is sort of fun, it is a rite of passage too.

  • Ah well done Bop and Teeny Bop, that's great that you are doing this together .

    Have fun and no falling out , mind ! Ha ha :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy. It is alright, I know who the boss is - and it ain't me!

  • Haha you have the same relationship with yours as I have with mine but she's no longer a teenager.

  • Aah yes, pacing, I always seem to start off quickly then think about Irish-John 's advice and slow down, am getting better at remembering. Glad to hear that she enjoyed her run, lovely time together for you both :-)

  • Thank you, yes it's great to run with family. When I did the programme I found it hard to know if I was running too fast or too slow. Is there a point at which you're running too slowly for it to have an effect on your fitness and so on. Now I think the main thing is to keep your walking breaks really brisk so your heart is being worked. It is really running out of puff that makes us stop running rather than tired leg muscles. Keep at it and keep positive. You can do this :)

  • Find my brisk walking isn't really!! Just done W6R3 & just glad that I could persuade my legs to continue moving at the end of the run :-D

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