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Who’s knees are these ?


Hey guys,

I’m on week 2 run 2 however can’t bear the thought of doing this due to the immense pain in my knees.

I can just about walk let alone run. Any tips on how to combat this? Or is it just a case of suck it up and power through?

I don’t want to stop but feel if I carry on I may be doing more harm that good. Any and all advice welcome 😊

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Hi and welcome! Have you had your gait analysed? I had sore knees and shins too but had my gait analysed and better shoes recommended for me - has worked a treat! Have now just completed week 8 of the programme with no more pain. Might be worth it for you?



Try these to ease things initially, they are very useful.

Then.. although we expect normal aches and pains at the beginning of this, ( our bodies saying what the heck is happening ??? ) ..,intense pain is different... and you will know the difference!

Check this post out for Newbies and do make sure your shoes...and socks are the right ones for you :)


If all checks out, then try those exercises, warm up really well before each run and stretch after each and every one too...slow it right down and try to land very lightly.

I call it kissing the ground with your feet :) Sounds daft, but it works... :)

See how you go:)


Immense pain and barely walking are not part of the plan. Get them checked out and look at the links for leg and knee exercises, or get a referral to you local nhs physio.

I had lots of problems with my knees when I first started. By the end of week 2 I could barely walk. I ran through the pain and that just made matters far worse so my advice would be to stop for a little while. I did have some physio along the line but I found the thing that really worked for me was the knee strengthening exercises Old Floss recommends. I took a month out and during that time I did the exercises every day, after two weeks I also started to go for long, brisk walks to also help build up strength. I started again and needed another week or so out but all the time I continued building up knee strength using resistance bands etc. Slow and steady is the way. I graduated a couple of months ago and haven’t had any more problems with my knees, (just my hips now! 😂) As my physio said, your knees just need a bit of time and attention to catch up with what the rest of your body is trying to do. It’s a marathon, not a sprint and you will definitely get there. It took me nearly 5 months to graduate but it was worth it. When I hit the 5k mark a few weeks ago the feeling was incredible and worth every bit of pain the knees had given me early on in the program. Good luck! 👍😊


I had this. One knee then the other. I took ibuprofen, especially one hour before running. It went after a week or so. It’s just strength needed in the thighs apparently. Very common.

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