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First compliment!


As some on here will know I've done most of C25K in the Swiss Alps, where it's hilly and all a bit challenging. Today Mrs t_m and I went back to the U.K. for a few weeks, and naturally headed for our local pub as soon as we'd landed.

'Have you lost weight?' said my mate Len as he walked into the bar. He's the first person to ask this, and I could hug him for noticing. As it happens I've lost 16kg during C25K and a couple of consolidation weeks, so yes, damn right I've lost weight!

Great incentive to keep going!

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Wow! Good for you, that's not easy.

Well done! Bet that felt great. Good old Len! 👍🏻🏃‍♂️


Result!! 🎉

Well deserved compliment, well done !


👏👏👏 well done on the weight loss! That’s brilliant! No wonder you are getting super-speedy these days. Wish I could say the same 🙄 Despite doing SlimFast and definitely not eating extra to run, the weight is being stubborn. But I have definitely been losing inches and found muscles I never knew existed. The problem for me, is that everything to do with horse riding is weight-based and at 5’9” I can’t carry surplus fat 😔 Enjoy your break back in 🇬🇧 - hope you are going to make it to a ParkRun!

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Thanks 😀 I had plenty to lose, and I had a terrible 'snacking' habit which I cut out completely. There's still a bit more that needs shifting but hopefully going in the right direction. Off out now to strut my stuff around the Shropshire lanes 🏃🏻‍♂️


That's great. I've lost virtually no weight but am now actively eating differently.😁

Wow - you gotta love a bit of Len! We all need a Len in our lives.

That’s great mate - I thought I’d lost a lot and I’ve only been in Bedfordshire on flats.....

Well done! And give Len a huge man hug!


Likewise, I run mainly in the Swiss alps. I find that my times and distances ALWAYS improve when I get to the UK - it's a relief to run on flatter routes :-)

Enjoy the compliments and hope they keep on coming!

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