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Post Grad Runs 2 & 3


For post grad run 2 (Monday) I did a "speedy" 3.5k on the treadmill. Slightly annoying as I was definitely well in my groove and at my best pace to date, but then someone from work came on the treadmill next to me!! I freaked out because I hate people I know seeing me exercise and jumped off :P. Oh well.. a short run is better than no run and 3 months ago 3.5k seemed an impossible dream!

Run 3 I did today, the full 5k at a comfortable pace, taking 36 minutes. I have decided to do another 5k consolidation Friday, then 3 more 5k's next week, before starting to train for a 10k (words I thought I would never say)!!

Still in awe everyday about how much this programme has helped me (and everyone in this community!)

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Impressive time for a comfortable 5k, and maybe work needed to know how much progress you’ve made. Enjoy the 10k plan!


Go Becky Go! Isn't it wonderful to think that you can run 5k comfortably and in a good time too. Makes a lot of sense to complete your consolidation and then aim for your 10k, a slight reduction in pace and you will be smashing the 10 k plan 💪💪💪🏃🏼‍♀️

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