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Post-grad run 2 success


I really wasn't in the mood for my 1st post-grad run on Tuesday, but I made myself go out telling myself there was no pressure and if I needed to walk after 15 minutes I could - and I did. Completed a short run/walk of 3.5k, satisfied that I had actually made the effort to go. Today I set off on a route I know is about 5k. Again no pressure - set myself the minimum target of 20 minutes then walk if needed. I got to 20 minutes and felt ok, so decided to keep going for another 5, with the option to walk if I wanted. At 25 still felt ok, so kept going. At 30 Olly Murs, Dance with me Tonight was playing - not the most mature choice of music but it is such a happy song and the rhythm suits my running so I kept going til the song ended! As I walked up the path leading to the back of my house my phone announced I had completed 5k in 40 minutes! Happy with that - but more so with the fact that today, despite a couple of little niggles, I actually enjoyed most of the run. For me, more than the distance or time, that was a successful post-grad run :-)

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This is the start of many more milestones in distance and time. Be proud of coming through the programme and carrying on with your running. I don't always feel like going out but you can have some great runs once you step out of the door. Enjoy that feeling of success as that is what keeps you running.



I know what you mean now the pressure is off until i start another program

But to be honest i did liked the pressure it helped to keep the gremlins away I know that if i don't have some sort of structure the gremlins will convince me i don't need to push there's always another day but that's me easily lead .

KJR60Graduate in reply to 2Fit2Sit

I must admit there were times when only stubborness kept me going through the programme, and having the structure did make me push myself. But I think for me the important thing is to enjoy running. I am doing parkrun every week (well, I've done it twice and intend to go again this week) so that is giving me a target - to improve my time slightly each week. I think I may be more enthusiastic once the weather warms up!

2Fit2SitGraduate in reply to KJR60

For me park run would be good but unfortunately i work every sat morning .

But i have considered maybe going to work then leaving for an hour which i could do.

Its a bit more complicated than that but i'm sure will have to try it as i here they are good .

hopefully get lost in the crowd if i can keep up


Fantastic, well done you :)


Super, super, super! Congrats!

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